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Archived collection of previously suggested History Day resources by topic. Links not maintained.

This guide is to replace previous archived History Day guides organized by year.

Information will be organized by topic.

Please check the general History Day Guide first (link below). Items will not necessarily be repeated here if listed on that guide.

Links are NOT maintained on archived guides. You mat need to check the WayBack Machine (link below).

If you have suggestions for content being under additional topics, please reach out to us or ask your teacher to reach out to us.

If resources have been added to main guide, they might be deleted from here. Check that guide too.

Selected Resources for researching History Day topics

This is a "scratch pad" for librarians to save ideas - it is not a fully developed research guide (hence its status is private and not published). It is also for the teachers to refer back to in order to help students remember sources consulted when at the CT State Library. Teachers are welcome to send feedback to Jenny Groome.

Included here are selected resources that may help History Day students who visit the Connecticut State Library to conduct research. Often a box from a previous year might be included in a related topic. This guide is for the current year - and each year the previous guide should be changed to an "archived" (unofficial, loose use of "archive") version and the new topics will be included here. The URL for current year will remain https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/historyday. Previous versions will have the year added to the URL - ex. https://libguides.ctstatelibrary.org/historyday2016

Items here are only suggestions to get them started - we do not know the details of  the research.

To students who might see this page: You are the researcher; you pick the focus.

We are only listing a few of the possible resources at the Connecticut State Library, based on a broad subject. It may be of help, or not. We'll figure that out during your field trip.

If you need help (especially with focusing): speak with your teacher; check with school librarian; consult judge's comments on how to improve your project; seek out official History Day websites; let us know your focus and areas requiring more research.

Terminology & Usage Disclaimer

Please be advised that some of these resources--particularly those created in previous eras--contain descriptions for ancestral, racial, ethnic, and gender identity that may be offensive or harmful to individuals investigating these records, and are considered inappropriate to use in modern times. The descriptions and treatment of historically marginalized groups, women, and animals may be upsetting. Also, please note that inclusion in this subject guide does not necessarily constitute endorsement of the views therein--we encourage investigators to use their own judgment when evaluating books, websites, articles, documents, and other resources.

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