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History Day

Suggested resources based on topics sent to us.

Witch Trials, Witchcraft, Witches

Witch Trials, Witchcraft, Witches

The Connecticut State Library (CSL) focuses on Connecticut and therefore will have more resources on the Connecticut Witch Trials.  These first occurred almost 50 years before the Salem trials.

Below are some examples of resources for studying the Connecticut Witch Trials and topics related to witchcraft in Colonial period. This is not to be a complete/comprehensive list. New resources are digitized and/or added to our collection and may not be reflected in this guide. Many of the resources are not online, and are in restricted collections (must be used on site at CSL) that should be requested in advance by contacting the History & Genealogy Unit (860-757-6580).

It is recommended that you begin your research with our History & Genealogy unit.

Trials & Legal Resources

Trials & Legal Documents

See also the books below and resources above.

Books, Documents, etc.

Books, Documents, etc.

These are just a few suggested items that might help with your research. It is recommended to always search our catalog and archive finding aids.

Other Institutions

Library of Congress (LOC)