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History Day

Suggested resources based on topics sent to us.

Connecticut Education

Education Resources at the Connecticut State Library (CSL)

These are only some of the many resources available. The focus is remote access, when possible. There are resources for students studying Education as a topic, as well as resources for teachers and other educators.

See also:

Didn't find what you were looking for? You might want to search these resources. Check your search terms for historic context.

Court Cases

See Law & Courts and its sub-pages, as well as specific people in Previous Topics Guide.



These are just some items in the Connecticut State Archives Collection. These Finding Aids might offer a glimpse into resources in our secured State Archives Collections. Many times, you may find relevant resources in other record groups. You can ask our History & Genealogy reference for more ideas. 

Archives are part of CSL SECURED COLLECTIONS. Please read:

See also specific town archives.

State Documents, Books, etc.

State Documents, Books, etc.

These are just some examples.

Many items do not circulate. Contact a librarian for assistance.

School Fund

School Fund

Other Institutions