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History Day

Suggested resources based on topics sent to us.

How To Find Articles, Books, Documents, etc. In CSL Databases

The Connecticut State Library (CSL) has a collection of indexes and databases to help you find articles - and many include books, government documents, and other resources. They cover different date ranges.

Some, like Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, we have only in print. If you come to the library in person, a librarian can help you learn how to use it.

Many of our databases are online. When it is a subscription database from a commercial vendor, you will need a card from the Connecticut State Library (your school or public library card will not work).

Below are tips to get a CSL library card, find databases and determine which have remote access and which require you to be in our building to use. A list of suggested databases follows.

Get a CSL Library Card - History Day Students

We have a page that explains how to get a library card, with links to apply for a card.

People under the age of 18 must have their legal guardian sign/fill out the form. We do not have resources specifically for students/children and therefore legal guardians must give consent for people under 18 years to access our resources.

If you come to the CT State Library to use archival or other restricted access material, you will need to get a Secured Collections Card. Instructions are on this page:


Can't get a CSL library card? Check with your teacher and/or school librarian  - sometimes they have alternative solutions. We do have a Photo Duplication Unit that can scan copies (within copyright restrictions) for a fee. This takes time and requires you to plan ahead.

Get Databases From Home

Until we have time to update, please use the handout in the file below.

Suggested Databases

These are only a few suggestions of databases you may access from home with a CT State Library card. There are more: some have remote access, others that may be used within our building in Hartford. For a complete list of databases, please see:

Suggested Databases

The focus is on the current year's theme.

Newspapers will be listed in next section.

Icons for database access. Blue card and researchIT CT icon = remote access with card. Unlocked= freely available. Locked= must be in the building

Newspaper Databases

Newspaper Databases

Some newspaper databases have only historic issues, some only modern, and some have both. Read the date range given in the description. Modern newspapers may give insight into impact over time.