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Woman Suffrage

Resources on Woman Suffrage

Reports, Hearings and Other Connecticut Documents

These are some of the state documents held in the Connecticut State Library's (CSL) collection.

The main focus here is on CSL items available online.  Many of the government publications are available freely online and through our subscription databases. There are many more resources available when you visit us.

Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) Committee on Woman Suffrage.

Hearing transcripts that were digitized from the hearings at the Connecticut State Library's Law collection. The published hearing transcripts go through 1917. You will need to check with Archives to see if anything from 1918 through 1920 is available. We will add information as it comes to light.

Additional Resources

Newspapers are one source to additional information about the Connecticut General Assembly. So are organizations' papers and the notebooks of Gladys Bragdon.

Federal Laws

Trials - Connecticut

  • Smith Sisters of Glastonbury - Julia and Abby argued they shouldn't have their taxes raised if they couldn't vote.   ;
  • Sarah Sherwood of Fairfield - After years of being single, in 1858 she married Jessup Sherwood , who insisted on control of her property. She was jailed for refusing to turn over her property. July 7, 1865 the Connecticut General Assembly declared she had cotrol of her property, as if unmarried.

Trials - Federal

Trials - Federal

Part of Judge's opinion cited Slaughter-House Cases and Bradwell v. Illinois, Supreme Court rulings made only weeks earlier that had narrowly defined the rights of U.S. citizenship.

Resources from Congress and Connecticut General Assembly (CGA)

These are some additional resources.