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Woman Suffrage

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Woman Suffrage

The 19th Amendment gave women the right to vote throughout the entire United States. It passed in Congress in 1919 and was ratified by the necessary 36 states by August, 1920.

The Connecticut General Assembly (CGA) passed a public act in 1893, An Act Concerning the Right of Women to Vote for School Officers, that enabled women "to vote at any meeting held for the purpose of choosing any officer of schools or for any educational purpose under the general or special laws of this state."

At the time, the CGA convened during odd numbered years, and was not scheduled to convene in 1920. At first Governor Marcus Holcomb would not call a special session, as he did not consider the passage of the 19th Amendment an emergency (a requirement of Connecticut Constitution to call a special session). On September 14, 1920, a special session of the CGA was held and Connecticut became the 37th state to ratify the 19th Amendment.

Connecticut State Library Resources on Woman Suffrage

These are some examples of what the Connecticut State Library has in its collections. Other pages in this guide will have more detailed information. We have many resources not listed, so please be sure to check our catalog, Primo; look at our databases (especially newspapers of the time); and ask a librarian. See links in left side of page.

Connecticut State Resources


The items listed below are found in several different Connecticut State Library (CSL) collections. 
This is not an inclusive list of suffrage related state documents and records in the CSL collection. It focuses on CSL items that are available online.  Many federal government publications are available either freely online or through our subscription databases. There are many more resources available for researchers onsite. As always staff is available to or assistance.

  • Federal Suffrage Amendment, Petitions to Gov. Marcus H. Holcomb, 1920
    • In Archives, RG 005 Office of the Governor, Subgroup 22. Marcus H. Holcomb, 1915-1921
    • Bound volumes of correspondence calling special session of the General Assembly to ratify the 19th amendment.



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      Vol. 5

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