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Ccar: Routing Slips

These are blank deliverIT CT routing slips in Word and PDF formats. You can use the Word version to edit the slip, for example by adding your library name and route number, before printing the slip.

For printing on letter size paper:

For printing on legal size paper:

Borrowing Requests Log - Template

If you need a mechanism to keep track of what patron borrowed what item (so you know who to contact when the item arrives), you can use the Excel template below. You can download and save the Excel file to your local drive.

Bookstraps - Template

Here is a blank bookstrap in Word format. You can edit the bookstrap as you wish so that it suits your needs. 


  • If you use the bookstraps as a lending library, you can fill out the "Lending library name" and "Ccar route" portions of the strap and then save the file on your computer.
  • If you use the bookstap as a borrowing library, you can fill out the return 'To..." Library name, town, and phone portions of the strap and then save it on your computer.

Please note: I omitted fields for patron name and contact info. You can add them if you wish, but two caveats relating to patron confidentiality:

  1. If the patron's name and contact information is on the bookstrap, you should shred the strap when you remove it.
  2. Patrons may not want to display their name and contact information on the cover of the book when it's in their possession, so they may be inclined to remove the bookstrap.

ILL Statistics - Template

If you will be tallying your filled and unfilled statistics and you need a tally sheet, you can use the templates below. You can save any of the templates on your local computer and modify them as you wish.

Interlibrary Loan Statistics

Public Libraries use the Annual Report to submit their total ILL stats (both borrows and loans) for the year. An ILL Monthly Worksheet is provided below to help libraries track ILL stats throughout the year.

Other ILL Forms

Other Forms

The following 2 links will open blank ALA ILL Forms. The Word version is suitable to complete and attached to an e-mail message.

Modified ILL Form: E-mail Template - The documents below are in text format and are suitable for copy/pasting into an e-mail message.

Modified ILL Form: E-mail Template - The 2 links below should pre-populate the "Subject" and body of an e-mail message (does not work with all e-mail programs):

Interlibrary Loan Code

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) provides the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (linked below). The code was revised by the Codes, Guidelines, and Technical Standards Committee; and Sharing and Transforming Access to Resources Section (STARS) in 2008 and 2015. It was approved by RUSA Board January 11, 2016. 

The Explanatory Supplement to the code (also linked below) points out that the code "does not override individual or consortial agreements or regional or state codes which may be more liberal or more prescriptive. This national code is intended to provide guidelines for exchanges between libraries where no other agreement applies." Offline requests will fall under this code.

ILL - Items from the Service Centers

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