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Statewide Interlibrary Loan


May 24, 2023 - Please be advised that fulfILLment will be upgraded on June 14th and will be unavailable all day. Updates will be posted on the ILL Listserv.

May 3, 2023 - If you missed our presentation at CLA, you can download the slides for Resource Sharing with requestIT CT and the fulfILLment platform.

May 17, 2022: Please note that fulfILLment will be down for maintenance beginning  Friday, June 3rd starting at 9 PM through Sunday, June 5th. We expect to be back online on Monday, June 6th. Check back here for updates.

December 28, 2021: EQUINOX will be adding new code to fulfILLment. There will be a service restart involved, as well as a restart of the web server software, but both of those will take only seconds so there should be no impact on libraries. The documentation for this update can be found here.

July 14, 2021: For those interested in participating in requestIT/fulfILLment in FY 22, the fee will remain the same as FY21: $350. Our fiscal year runs from July-June.

July 1, 2021: EQUINOX will be providing a demonstration of the new RequestIT functionality for Bibliomation libraries on Thursday, July 1, at 10am (1 hour).  This new functionality eliminates the need to enter ILLs in twice - once in FulfILLment and once in Evergreen.  This demonstration is open to all Bibliomation libraries.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive demonstration of RequestIT.  It focuses exclusively on the new functionality based on connectors. 

April, 1, 2021: The fulfILLment upgrades and maintenance have been completed. If you have any issues that need to be reported, please use our contact form located at:

March 24, 2021: Please be advised that fulfILLment will be down for maintenance and upgrades (see details below) beginning Wednesday, March 24th at 10 PM through Tuesday March 30th. We expect to back online after testing on Wednesday March 31st.
FulfILLment software is built on top of the Evergreen ILS software. Recently, the Evergreen baseline for FulfILLment has been upgraded from 2.7 to 3.6 (a dozen versions!), and this means that the many improvements to Evergreen available in those versions are now available to FulfILLment. A few of these improvements were separately ported to FulfILLment in the past, but these were mostly smaller fixes. Some of the bigger enhancements that the baseline upgrade provides are: 

  • Search indexing improvements, which means faster and better searching; 
  • Enhanced request targeting, which means shorter ILL wait times; 
  • A beta version of a newly modernized and fully responsive catalog interface. Future improvements will make this the default catalog for searching in FulfILLment. 

October 1, 2020: Beginning October 1st, you will be able to request multiple copies at one time in requestIT. This is a great feature to use when requesting multiple copies for book groups! When you place a hold on an item, you will see an option for number of copies in a dropdown allowing you to request from 1 to 25 copies.

June 1, 2020: When your library is ready to resume borrowing and lending through requestIT, use the online contact form and let us know. When you let us know, we will update settings in FulfILLment so that you will be ready to go. 

We also added a column to the list of libraries participating in requestIT. When you let us know that your library is resuming requestIT services, we will update the 'Resuming requestIT ILL?' column with a "Yes" for your library. You can use the list to see which libraries are open for ILL in FulfILLment. 

requestIT CT

requestIT CT is Connecticut's new statewide Interlibrary Loan service. requestIT is the Interlibrary Loan module in findIT CT, Connecticut's statewide library catalog and both services use FulfILLment open source software. There are currently 131 libraries that participate in the program and last year (FY22) 12,212 items were shared through fulfILLment.


This session is for those who have been trained on and are currently using requestIT CT.

Brad Bullis will review the FulfILLment system and updating process, show some of the newer features, and talk about ILL workflow. The session will include demonstrations and will not be hands on like the requestIT training sessions. 

No sessions are scheduled at this time. If you are interested in a session, please contact Brad Bullis at

August 2018: Bills for $325 per participating library for FY 2019 were sent out in July 2018. 131 libraries are participating in the service. A "Do's and Don'ts of requestIT" workshop was presented 3 times at various locations in the state, with one session upcoming in September 2018. 

September 2017: requestIT CT was opened to all libraries in Connecticut that wish to participate. We are using the 'basic' ILL system, which allows staff members to place and track ILL requests.   

December 2017: Here's a wrap-up on the training that we offered from September to December 2017:

  • 17 Training sessions
  • 8 Different locations
  • 193 Attendees
  • 133 Libraries represented

August 2017: The requestIT pilot will resume now that new findIT drives have been installed and since the deliverIT suspension is over.

We created a page for requestIT ILL statistics and it is at You will see that statistics are low and that's because it's a pilot and only 24 libraries are participating at this time.

Given that August is a popular month for vacations and since some libraries will need time to get used to the new deliverIT parameters, we are going to postpone rolling out requestIT statewide until September. 

June 2017: The requestIT CT pilot that began on April 12 continues. ILL volume is relatively low at this time. Only 24 libraries are participating in the pilot and 2 of those libraries are only borrowing, which leaves 22 lending libraries. New material is not in the findIT catalog yet, which further limits utility of ILL.

Due to the server space issues we plan on delaying the roll out of requestIT statewide ILL and will begin training no earlier than the middle of July. 

April 2017: We are going to begin using the basic ILL system, which allows library staff members to place ILL requests on behalf of patrons. Patron initiated-requesting will be rolled out when we begin using connectors. We don't expect to begin implementing connectors until the fall. We will also have to build/program some connectors and that process will take time.

We put out a call for volunteer libraries to participate in a requestIT CT pilot. During the pilot we will address any questions, refine the training material and process, and take the opportunity to work out any kinks in the system. We planned on 12 libraries participating in the pilot, but we received about 30 responses to the call for volunteers and we are considering allowing more libraries to participate. Libraries participating in the pilot will be trained on April 12 and will begin using the basic requestIT CT system then. If all goes as planned, we'll run the pilot for 6 weeks, open the basic ILL system to all interested libraries, and begin training in June. We expect training on the basic ILL system to continue through September.

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requestIT CT is Connecticut's new
Statewide Interlibrary Loan Service


requestIT CT is funded by the State of Connecticut and the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Connecticut State Library.

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