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Coltsville Timeline: Buildings

Armsmear building

Armsmear building photo

  • Built in 1855
  • Italianate style
  • Features a five-story tower
  • Designated National Historic Landmark (NHL) in 1966
  • Privately owned retirement home

Blue Onion Dome building

Office building

Office Building photo

  • New Office building erected 1941

Storehouse and Recreation Center

Storehouse and Recreation center photo

  • June 16, 1936
  • Corner of Huyshope Avenue and Sequassen Street

Church of the Good Shepherd building

Church of the Good Shepherd and Caldwell H. Colt Memorial Parish House

  • 155 Wyllys Street, Hartford, Connecticut
  • Detailed description at NPS
  • Edward Tuckerman Potter's Italianate design
  • The Church of the Good Shepherd and Caldwell H. Colt Memorial Parish House were designed by the architect Edward Tuckerman Potter, and built by Mrs. Colt as a memorial to her deceased husband and their eldest son.
  • Intended to serve the spiritual needs of the Colt workers; open to all.

Armory building

Armory Fire

Armory House building

Armory House Building photoArmory House Building photo

  • Boarding house, probably just for Colt's employees.
  • Corner of Charter Oak Avenue and Vredendale Avenue
  • Erected in 1855
  • Demolished in 1929

Charter Oak School building

Charter Oak School Building photo

  • Built circa 1871
  • Located in Colt Meadows
  • Stood on Charter Oak Avenue near the corner of Huyshope Avenue, near the Memorial Church of the Good Shepherd
  • Burned to the ground December 6, 1910