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Coltsville Timeline: 1990-1999

About the Coltsville Timeline

This guide is a timeline for the process of Coltsville petitioning to become part of the National Park Service. The major focus is on the federal legislation driving this process. Public Law 113-291 includes a series of "Conditions for Establishment" that must be met before the park may be formally established. The National Park Service (NPS) is in the process of meeting the criteria.

As of January 10, 2018, the additional federal legislation passed - needed to authorize the planned visitor's center and administrative offices to be located in the selected buildings within the armory complex.

Quick Jump to Years 1990-1999

Blue Onion Dome

Blue Onion Dome

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Colt replica installed on dome.

HB6768 (Connecticut) - An Act Concerning Funding for Certain Operations Related to Tourism



Coltsville National Park Visitor Experience Study

National Park Service conducted a special resource reconnaissance study of the Connecticut River Valley to evaluate the significance of historic manufacturing sites and found that the Coltsville region contains an unequaled concentration of historic resources.

"The [CT] legislature established the quasi-public Capital City Economic Development Authority (CCEDA) in 1998 to plan, manage, and oversee six Hartford redevelopment projects. The projects were devised as part of a blueprint for Hartford's revitalization."

December 31, 1998

Summary report. Coltsville Heritage Park Master Plan released.

1990 to 1992


All operations at Coltsville plant cease. Colt Fire Arms Company finally abandoned its remaining operations at he Coltsville plant in 1993 and now all of its operations are headquartered in West Hartford. 

1992 & 1993

Hartford's developed and undeveloped heritage assets are analyzed with consultants from National Park Service and National Trust for Historic Preservation  [12]