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Colt resources at the Connecticut State Library

Here are some resources from the CT State Library that might be of interest. Please feel free to contact us during operating hours or leave email.

Tips to search our catalog are below.


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Tips For Searching Our Catlog

  • This does NOT search the text of the sources, only the catalog records about the items.
  • Many items have not been digitized.
    • When writing down the call number, please include the location as well.
    • If it has been digitized, there may be a link from our catalog to the online item.
  • You will get additional resources listed if you log into Primo with your CT State Library card and choose to include the Discovery Layer.
    • Not all items will be accessible through the catalog - only those to which we have a subscription or are in public domain.
    • Not all our subscription content will display in Primo - also check our DATABASE PAGE
  • Language changes over time, as do ideas on cultural acceptance of specific language.
    • Sometimes using contemporary terms is needed (especially when searching newspaper databases).
    • Abbreviations were often used
  • Focusing or expanding concepts might be necessary when searching.
  • Wildcards can be helpful
  • Look at the bibliography and footnotes of sources you already found
  • Coltsville is a current term, not an historic term.
Possible search terms:

Colt Bicycle Club (Hartford, Conn.)
Colt family
Colt firearms
Colt Manufacturing Company
Colt revolver
Colt, Elizabeth
Colt, Samuel
Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Co


Other Institutions

Here are some other institutions and organizations that may have collections related to Samuel and Elizabeth Colt, Colt Manufacturing, or Coltsville National Historical Park.

Videos on Coltsville

There are DVDs by CTN (ConnecticutNetwork) in the Connecticut State Libraries collection that may be found by searching our catalog. Many may not been found online.

Here are a few other videos from other organizations:


Here are links to CT-N web site. See also our library catalog for DVDs of events not listed on CT-N site.