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History Day - Military & Events

Topics for CT History Day competition. Military topics and events.

Connecticut State Council of Defense

The "State Defense Council is Connecticut Agency of Federal Government. Appointed by Governor Marcus H. Holcomb to Mobilize State's Resources for War and Make Them Available to United States - It is Official Connecticut Arm of Council of National Defense." (Connecticut Bulletin, Vol. 1, no.1. July 13, 1917, p.1). The Council of National Defense was established by an act of Congress August 29, 1916. On April 26, 1917 Governor Holcomb issued a proclamation that appointed people to the newly formed state level council. His authority to do so came from Chapter 44 of the Public Acts of 1917. County and town auxiliary committees were also formed. More detail can be found in Connecticut Bulletin, Vol. 1, no.1. July 13, 1917 (ConnDoc St291c).

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