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History Day - Military & Events

Topics for CT History Day competition. Military topics and events.

World War I

These are only some suggestions for the many topics you can research at the Connecticut State Library (CSL).

See additional pages in this guide for related topics.

Note: Before World War II (WWII), World War I (WWI) was called The Great War, The War to End All Wars, The World War and other such names. It was not called WWI until after there was a second world war. Be sure to use variations in your subject terms when researching.

Museum of Connecticut History


Archives at CSL

Archives at Connecticut State Library (CSL)

These are some examples.

Books, Documents, etc.

Books, Documents, etc.

Other Institutions

Other Institutions

Other Libraries

The Connecticut State Library (CSL) does not subscribe to the same paid databases, and access to some resources on other libraries' guides may not be available. A library card from CSL is required to access our subscription databases that have remote access. Many U.S. federal documents listed on the guides below will be available at CSL.

This is to just give some examples and ideas.

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