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Elections & Voting

The Secretary of the State's office is the primary site for information on elections in Connecticut.

Elections are held for federal, state, and local offices. Connecticut does not have a county government system. Special districts elect their officers.

On the state level, the Secretary of the State is the Commissioner of Elections and responsible for elections and voting. On the local level, town clerks maintain the records of voter registration and are the chief local election official. 

Connecticut has essentially three types of local government based on Home Rule and/or the town charter. Therefore, the election process for local offices may vary. There are also boroughs and special districts within municipalities.

Elections for the Connecticut General Assembly are held every two years.

General Election - winner assumes the office

Primary Election - held within a political party when a nomination is contested. In Connecticut, only registered members of a political party may vote within that party's primary. This is a closed primary system.

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Connecticut General Assembly

CGA  FAQ page: "Members are elected in November of even-numbered years from the districts in which they reside. Members of the Connecticut House of Representatives and the Connecticut Senate serve for a two-year term."

Local Municipal Elections

Much is covered by state and federal resources in this guide.

For municipal election returns, consult the town clerk in each municipality.