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Connecticut Municipal Governments

Resources on Connecticut local municipal government

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Quick Facts: Connecticut Municipal Governments

  • Connecticut has 169 municipalities, each with their own municipal government.
  • There are no County Seats in Connecticut. County government was abolished effective October 1, 1960; counties continue only as geographical subdivisions.[1]
  • There is no unincorporated land in Connecticut. All land is within an incorporated municipal's boundary.[7]
  • The U.S. Constitution addresses only federal and state government, and not sub-state levels of government. Local municipal governments gets authority from the states.[5, 6]
  • Regional Planning Organizations have advisory role, no governing authority.
  • Home Rule - 1957 legislation allowing municipalities authority to write and amend own charter. Prior to this, changes to municipal charters required special acts by the Connecticut General Assembly.
  • School Districts are mainly the responsibility of municipalities, although there may be an agreement for a regional school district.

Connecticut State Library maintains collections of town reports, histories, maps, vital and church records, charters, ordinances, and other archival material.