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Statement of the Vote 1922 - present

The Statement of the Vote is the State of Connecticut's official election returns as published by the Secretary of the State's office. Since 1922 the Secretary of the State has published biennial returns for federal, state, and district offices. These have been digitized and are available through the Secretary of the State's website.

Statement of the Vote 1922 - present

Statement of the Vote 1819 - 1918

Manuscript volumes of the Statement of the Vote were prepared by the Connecticut Secretary of the State and are housed in the Connecticut State Archives as part of Archival Record Group #006, Records of the Secretary of State

This collection of 58 volumes contain election returns and enumerate votes for various federal, state, and local offices, along with a volume of votes on proposed amendments to the Connecticut Constitution for the period of 1845-1877.

These volumes are grouped by elective office and contain election results which are organized by year of election, Connecticut county, and separately by each municipality.  Election results are totaled by town, then summed to provide the county’s vote totals for each candidate. County vote totals are then added to produce each candidate’s vote total.

These volumes are in the process of being digitized. You may browse the collection of volumes uploaded on the Connecticut Digital Archive.