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Charters and Ordinances

Links to Charters and Ordinances shelf lists by town.

Charters and Ordinances

The Connecticut State Library has a large collection of charters, ordinances, regulations, and by-laws published by cities, towns, boroughs, and other local subdivisions from the early 1800s to the present. Below is a list of materials by town. These items are shelved in the Charters and Ordinances section on the second floor, and are available for researchers to use. They do not circulate.

Some parts of this collection pertain to boroughs or cities within their parent towns. These semi-autonomous subdivisions had their own charters and ordinances, their own taxing powers, and were usually created to support more densely populated areas as well as the new manufacturing villages of the 1800s. Most boroughs and cities consolidated with their parent towns during the 20th century. Nine remain active today: Stonington, Fenwick, the Morningside Association, Danielson, Jewett City, Newtown, Bantam, Litchfield, and Woodmont.

Shelf Lists by Town