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deliverIT CT (formerly Connecticar)

Statewide Library Delivery Service

deliverIT CT Packaging & Shipping Procedures

  1. Fold routing slip over front cover of book and secure with rubber bands. Libraries must use the prescribed State Library routing slip. Library printer-generated routing slips are in compliance with this guideline and libraries should continue to use printer-generated routing slips.
  2. You may secure average-size materials together with rubber bands, but do not exceed four items to a package. That's the absolute maximum for small books. Two is usually best. Secure large books separately.
  3. Bind together only similar-size materials, using adequate rubber banding to secure each package.
  4. No tape or staples please.
  5. For each package, complete the appropriate routing slip with the following information:
    • Library delivery number
    • Shipping date
    • Library name
  6. Use the routing slip "Remarks" section to indicate if the materials are going to a specific library branch or individual in the destination library. If handwritten, print clearly and legibly and make the information large enough so that it can be easily read.
  7. To permit proper stacking and to eliminate damage to books:  bins must not be loaded above their sides. Materials will not be transported if bins are overloaded, inaccessible, improperly labeled, or improperly sorted.
  8. The weight of any bin may not exceed 40 pounds.
  9. Libraries shall only use boxes if a state-owned bin is not available. The dimensions of the box cannot exceed 20"L x 14" W x 8' H which is the dimensions of a standard Baker & Taylor book box.
  10. All CDs and DVDs and other fragile or damageable items must be packaged in secured, heavy envelopes. Bubble style envelopes are preferred.
  11. Multiple items being sent to one library may be packaged in a heavy plastic bag, minimum 4 ml thick and secured with a rubber band. Only one routing label is necessary for the package but must be placed in a clearly visible location inside the bag. The bag can then be placed in a bin.
  12. Place all deliverIT bins ready for pickup on a surface at least 2 feet above the floor.
  13. In the event a book is separated from its deliverIT CT routing slip it will be returned to the owning library.
  14. There is no reimbursement for lost or damaged items.

Last Updated: October 2015


deliverIT CT is funded by the State of Connecticut and the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Connecticut State Library.

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