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deliverIT CT (formerly Connecticar): Guidelines

Statewide Library Delivery Service


Update: May 29 deliverIT CT has been suspended since March 16th when a majority of CT libraries closed to the public due to the COVID19 pandemic.During that time the Supervisor of Transportation has been working with me to:

  • Work with libraries to establish a new norm of contact-less delivery for the health and safety of all parties involved with delivery. We deeply appreciate the cooperation and accommodation of most libraries to achieve this goal.
  • Van Block sorting facility was re-configured to establish a more efficient workflow and also to accommodate social distancing in a small space.​
  • Routes were assessed and refined to maximize existing resources. 
We were also able to hire 2 new f/t drivers to fill long vacant positions. For the first time in 3.5 years we are fully staffed with 2 back-up drivers. The new drivers were thoroughly trained in the service, on the routes and worked with the Supervisor to establish the contact-less service.
On Friday June 5th, deliverIT CT will resume a limited service to libraries that have accommodated contact-less access:
  • On June 5th, drivers will be returning materials to libraries still in vans and the sorting facility but will not be picking up any materials.​
  • One Monday June 8th, drivers will be conducting a limited 3 day clean out of materials returned to libraries after March 16th. Each library will be able to place up to 6 bins in their sheds or in designated areas approved by deliverIT Supervisor. 
  • Drivers will pick up the 6 bins on Monday and spend the next 1-2 days returning materials to libraries from that pick up. They will not be picking up any bins during this phase.
  • Once agreed on there will also be a special pick up for academic ILL materials. There is a task force currently working on that.
  • Regular deliverIT CT service "3 bins in, 3 bins out up to 5 days a week'" will resume on the 11th or 12th.
Drivers will be subject to strict health and safety guidelines:
  • They will have their temperature taken each morning
  • They will be required to wear masks and gloves
  • They will be required to regularly wash their hands and sanitize
  • Their vans will be sanitized every day​
  • ​They are advised to report any conditions deemed unsafe
This is subject to change due to any additional guidance from state DAS or the Governor's Office.
We appreciate your patience, and if you have any questions please use the deliverIT CT contact form.

Guidelines Revised

Delivery Service

  1. deliverIT is provided by the Connecticut State Library, but it requires the shared efforts of the Connecticut State Library and all libraries that receive delivery to maintain a successful service. 
  2. Service is to the principal public libraries, academic libraries and to other institutions and agencies which have been approved by the Director of the Division of Library Development. See "Route Schedule" tab above for more information.
  3. Libraries must designate a deliverIT CT pickup point in their facility. This point must be convenient for the driver, off the ground, and hand truck-accessible. All designated pickup points are subject to approval by the deliverIT CT Supervisor.
  4. Bins will be supplied by the State Library to the service libraries based on each library's average daily requirements and the availability of containers. If a library has extra bins, let the driver know so that they can take them to be reassigned to another library. 
  5. Bins supplied by the State Library are property of the State of Connecticut and are to be used only for deliverIT CT purposes.
  6. In the event that a service library has a larger-than-normal load which exceeds its supply of CSL- furnished sort bins, the service library will be responsible for providing the extra boxes or bags needed to accommodate the overload.

Acceptable Materials

  1. Materials transported by deliverIT CT are limited to the following without exception:
    • borrowIT (formerly Connecticard) materials in all formats
    • Library materials for state agencies distributed through the State Library with prior approval from the Director of the Division of Library Development
    • Interlibrary loan materials
    • Connecticut State Library materials
  2. Materials not accepted for transport on the delivery service include the following:
    • Oversized or heavy packages
    • Packages or bins weighing more than 40lbs.
    • Fragile/breakable items
    • Rare or irreplaceable items
    • Equipment or office furniture
    • Office supplies
    • Donations or giveaways
    • Posters
    • Public relations material from other organizations without prior approval from the Director of the Division of Library Development
  3. Items, packages, or bags of items must have a visible, legible routing slip. Items, packages, or bags of items without a routing slip are not acceptable and will not be transported. 
  4. Routing slips are available. (See the "Routing Slips" tab above for more information.)

Holidays and Service Interruptions

  1. deliverIT follows the same holiday schedule as the State of Connecticut. There will be no delivery on the following Connecticut state holidays:
  • New Years Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 
  • Lincoln's Birthday
  • Washington's Birthday
  • Good Friday
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  1. There is no guarantee of a specific time for delivery to a library. Due to the complexity of delivery routes, timing of delivery cannot be easily adjusted.
  2. This is a statewide service and individual routes may be impacted by weather, road conditions, traffic, delivery volume, or vehicle trouble.
  3. Weather conditions vary across the state and bad weather in one area can have an impact on the entire system.
  4. If your library closes due to weather, report it using the online Contact form. (See "Contact Us" tab above for contact information.)
  5. In the event of a library closing, such as for a renovation, the library should contact the Connecticut State Library in advance of the closure so that the delivery service can make necessary arrangements. (See "Contact Us" tab above for contact information.)
  6. In the event of an anticipated change in volume of material for delivery, the library should contact the Director of the Division of Library Development well in advance of the change and outline the potential impact on the delivery system. An anticipated change in delivery volume can be caused by events such as a library joining a network, a library leaving a network, a network changing their ILS loan parameters or changing their ILS, etc. [See the “Contact Us” tab for contact information.]

Lost or Damaged Material

  1. Delivery is an undocumented and uninsured service and there is no tracking of individual items.
  2. Lost items or items damaged in transit are not covered by insurance, except in the case of loss or damage covered by accident liability insurance.
  3. Neither deliverIT nor the Connecticut State Library will reimburse libraries for lost items. 


  1. The State Library maintains an e-mail list to improve communication to libraries about the delivery service. All public and academic libraries should have at least one staff person subscribe to the listserv. If a deliverIT CT route will not be running on a particular day, a message will be sent to the list. (See the "E-mail list" tab above for more information.)
  2. If your library does not receive delivery as scheduled you should contact Walt Magnavice, deliverIT CT Supervisor. (See "Contact Us" tab above for contact information.)
  3. All other questions about deliverIT CT service should be directed to the deliverIT CT Supervisor or to the Director of the Division of Library Development at the Connecticut State Library. (See "Contact Us" tab above for contact information.)

Last Updated: April 2020 (holiday dates updated); March 2017

What is deliverIT CT?

deliverIT CT - Statewide Library Delivery, A service of the CT State Library

deliverIT CT (formerly Connecticar or Ccar) is Connecticut's statewide library delivery service. deliverIT CT transports about 1.5 million library items per year to 215 public and academic libraries in the state.


deliverIT CT is funded by the State of Connecticut and the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Connecticut State Library.

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