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Census - Decennial

Statistical and demographic information from U.S. Decennial Censuses, with a focus on Connecticut. This does not include information on individuals found in the U.S. Census Schedules

Economic Census

Economic Census

The economic census serves as the foundation for the measurement of U.S. businesses, including the Island Areas, and their economic impact. The Economic Census is conducted every five years. It is separate from the Decennial Census of Population and Housing, although it began as part of the Decennial Census.

As explained by Bobray Bordelon, of Princeton University Library (link below):

The Economic Census originally started out as part of the general Decennial Census. It has changed and grown over the years in both scope and coverage. In 1997 the Census moved over from the Standard industry classification (SIC) to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Today the Economic census is available in its entirety on the web and provides a snapshot of the economy and the millions of business establishments that operate in the United States.

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