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Connecticut Statutes & Acts

Basic information about the structure of statutes and acts in Connecticut

Publication of State Statutes

The General Statutes of Connecticut are published by the State of Connecticut in January of odd-numbered years to incorporate any changes made by the legislature since the last publication. During January of the intervening calendar year, the Supplement to the General Statutes of Connecticut is published in order to keep the printed version updated; the Supplement contains only the statutes that have been affected by changes enacted during the previous legislative session. Individual volumes or complete sets of statutes may be purchased from the Secretary of the State.

An annotated version of the statutes is commercially published by Thomson-West. In addition to the amending history, this publication also includes a brief description of the substantive changes made to each section. Also included are research references relevant to each section such as law review commentaries, state and federal court decisions, references to state regulation and constitutional provision, and related state and federal laws.

Revision of State Statutes

During the annual legislative sessions, the language of the statutes is amended to reflect changes contained in the public acts passed by the legislature. This process of codification is one of the responsibilities of the Legislative Commissioners' Office (LCO). LCO produces several useful resources to help users correlate public acts and statutes, including reference and conversion tables.

In addition to these regular changes, the organizational structure of the statutes as a whole is also occasionally changed; this is referred to as a revision and is usually accompanied by the year. Revisions once occurred with greater frequency, but the last major revision to the General Statutes of Connecticut occurred in 1958, which would simply be called the 1958 Revision. Since that time, several of the titles have been moved or repealed, but the overall structure has remained intact.

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