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Connecticut Statutes & Acts

Basic information about the structure of statutes and acts in Connecticut

Tips for Using Archival Connecticut Statutes and Acts

Current Connecticut statutes and acts have a consistent form from one revision or session to the next. This was not always true and researching older information can be difficult. Below are a few tips for using historic Connecticut statutes and acts. 

  • How do I trace a statute to its origin? 
    • The official statutes include the history of public acts dating back to 1949.
    • The annotated statutes, published by Thomson Reuters, include history notes dating back to 1902. The annotated statutes are available in print and through WestlawNext at the library.
    • Prior to 1902, the statute revisions include notes in the margins that reference corresponding sections in the previous revisions. When you have reached a section with no margin notes, or only a public act in the margin notes, you have most likely reached the origin of the statute.
  • How do I find a public act number from a supplement section number? 
    • The supplement volumes for the Connecticut statutes have tables in the back of the volume that show the public act number for each section of the supplement.
  • I think I found an abbreviation. What does it mean? 
    • If you find an abbreviation that you are unsure of, check the front of the volume for useful notes or descriptions of abbreviations. If you are looking at a table, you can also look at the first page of the table for some descriptive information under the table title.
  • My question isn't listed here. What can I do?
    • These are a few frequently asked questions about archival statutes and acts. If your question is not addressed here, please ask a librarian for assistance. 
    • Be sure to always check the front of the volume for explanatory notes and the back of the volume for helpful tables or an index. 

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