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researchIT CT - Information: Adding EBSCO Search Boxes to Your Website

EBSCO Search Boxes

You can add EBSCO search boxes on your webpages. For is the Academic Search Premier Box that you can add to your own webpage:

Academic Search Premier

The html code for the various search boxes, suitable for copy/pasting into your webpages, appears in the links below.

Please note the following information about these search boxes:

  1. Some of them include product-specific logos; if the resource is part of the EBSCOhost database suite, the box may instead bear just the generic EBSCOhost logo.
  2. Resources searched by the “search everything” search boxes are set up to be the same as for our existing links to the same resources. For example, the EBSCOhost for High Schools search box will search the same set of databases as the corresponding icon on the High School classic menu.
  3. You will need to capture the html source code in order to paste the boxes into your web pages. Do this by clicking/tapping on the link for the search box you want; the html you see next can be copied and pasted into a web page on your library's web site.
  4. Please note that each search box uses an EBSCO generic State Library customer id (custid). If you want to customize it with your own library’s EBSCO customer ID, contact for that information. The search boxes will work either way; however, usage stats will only apply to your library if you replace the generic State Library customer id with your library’s individual customer id from EBSCO.


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