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requestIT CT - Statewide Interlibrary Loan: Participating Libraries

Statewide Interlibrary Loan

Libraries Participating in requestIT by Library Name

The following 131 libraries have been trained on using requestIT CT and are participating in the basic ILL system. requestIT CT training will continue on an ongoing basis starting on Sept. 12, 2017. deliverIT routes updated on June 12, 2020.

Library Name Network/ILS Library Code deliverIT Route Resuming requestIT ILL?
Acton Lib - Old Saybrook LION OS E-148 Yes
Aldrich Free Pub Lib - Moosup CONNcert ALDR M-113 Yes
Andover Public Lib CONNcert ANDV M-2 Yes
Atwater Memorial Library - North Branford LION NB J-137 Yes
Bakerville Library - New Hartford


BAKV G-123 Yes
Beacon Falls Pub Lib Bibliomation BFALLS K-7 Yes
Beardsley Lib - Winsted TLC BRDL G-220 Yes
Bentley Memorial Lib - Bolton  Bibliomation BOLTON M-13 Yes
Bethel Public Library Bibliomation BETHEL F-10  
Bethlehem Pub Lib Koha-ByWater BETH G-11 Yes
Bill Memorial Lib - Groton SECONN BILL N-70 Yes
Bill Library - Ledyard LION LB N-94 Yes
Booth & Dimock Memorial Lib - Coventry CONNcert BDIM M-33 Yes
Bracken Memorial Lib - Woodstock Follett-Destiny CWK M-225 Yes
Brainerd Memorial Lib - Haddam LION HA E-74 Yes
Brookfield Lib Bibliomation BRKFLD F-20 Yes
Brooklyn Town Library A-G/Verso BRKL M-21 Yes
Burnham Library - Bridgewater Bibliomation BURN F-18 Yes
Chester Pub Lib Bibliomation CHST E-28 Yes
Clark Memorial Library - Bethany LION BE K-9 Yes
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station - New Haven   CAES -  
Connecticut State Library - Main - Hartford Alma/Primo STLIB C-84 Yes
Cornwall Library A-G/Verso CRNWAL G-32 Yes
Danbury Library III-Sierra DBY F-35 Yes
Darien Library Polaris DARI J-39 Yes
Douglas Library of Hebron Bibliomation HEBRON E-86 Yes
East Granby Public Library A-G./Verso EGBY C-43 Yes
East Haddam Free Public Library - Moodus LION RB E-112 Yes
East Lyme Public Library  LION EL N-135 Yes
Easton Public Library Bibliomation EASTON J-50 Yes
Edith Wheeler Memorial Library - Monroe Bibliomation MONROE K-111 Yes
Enfield Library  LCI 4M C-52 Yes
Essex Library LION EX E-55 Yes
Fairfield Public Library SIRSI FRP J-56 Yes
Farmington Library Koha FRML D-60 Yes
Ferguson Library - Stamford III-Sierra FEMM J-177 Yes
Gales Ferry Library LION LG N-93 Yes
Goshen Public Library CONNcert GOSH G-64 Yes
Greenwich Library III-Sierra GRWH J-66 Yes
Groton Public Library SECONN GTN N-69 Yes
Guilford Free Library LION GU J-73 Yes
Gunn Memorial Library - Washington Bibliomation WSHGTN F-195 Yes
Hagaman Memorial Library - East Haven Bibliomation EHAVEN K-47 Yes
Hall Memorial Library - Ellington Bibliomation ELNGTN C-51 Yes

Hamden Public Library

LION HM J-75 Yes
Hartford Public Library SIRSI HPL D-78 Yes
Hartford International University Library EOS HSEM E-81 Yes
Harwinton Public Library TLC HARW G-85 Yes
Henry Carter Hull Library - Clinton Koha HCH E-29 Yes
Hotchkiss Library of Sharon Bibliomation SHARON G-167 Yes
Holy Apostles Coll & Seminary - Cromwell A-G/Verso HACS c/o Cromwell Belden Public Library route E-34; put Holy Apostles College & Seminary in 'Remarks' on the slip Yes
Housatonic Valley Reg. High School - Canaan Follett-Destiny HVHS c/o David Hunt Library - Falls Village route G-59; put Housatonic Valley Reg. High School in 'Remarks' on the slip  
James Blackstone Memorial Library - Branford LION BR J-14 Yes
Janet Carlson Calvert Library - Franklin Bibliomation JCCL N-62 Yes
Jonathan Trumbull Library - Lebanon Bibliomation JTRUMBULL N-92 Yes
Kent Memorial Library - Kent Bibliomation KENT G-88 Yes
Killingly Public Library Bibliomation KLNGLY M-37 Yes
Licia & Mason Beekley Community Library - New Hartford Insignia NHFD G-122 Yes
Lyme Public Library  CONNcert LYM E-96 Yes
Mark Twain Library - Redding Bibliomation REDDNG F-158 Yes
Meriden Public Library LION ME J-102 Yes
Middlebury Public Library CONNcert MBY F-103 Yes
Middletown Library Service Center Alma/Primo 5MLSC E-108 Yes
Milford Public Library  Bibliomation MILFORD K-110 Yes
Minor Memorial Library - Roxbury Bibliomation RXBURY F-162 Yes
Mitchell College Library - New London LION MC N-130 Yes
Montville High School Library Follett MTVH c/o Raymond Library route N-146; put Montville High School in 'Remarks' on the routing slip  
Morris Public Library Bibliomation MORRIS G-114 Yes
Mystic & Noank Library SECONN MYS N-115 Yes
Library Name Network/ILS Library Code DeliverIT Route Resuming requestIT ILL?
New Canaan Library III-Sierra NCV J-120 Yes
New Fairfield Free Public Library CONNcert NFLD F-121 Yes
New Haven Free Public Library III-Sierra NHP K-124 Yes
New Milford Public Library Bibliomation NMLFRD F-132 Yes
Norfolk Library Bibliomation NORFLK G-136 Yes
North Haven Memorial Library LION NH X-138 Yes
Northwestern Community College Alma/Primo NWCT G-221 Yes
Northwestern Regional #7 - Winsted Follett-Destiny REG7 c/o Northwestern Comm. College. route G-221; put Northwestern Regional #7 in 'Remarks' on the slip  
Norwalk Community College Alma/Primo NKCT J-142 Yes
Norwalk Public Library III-Sierra NWK J-141 Yes
Oliver Wolcott Library - Litchfield Bibliomation LITFLD G-95 Yes
Otis Library - Norwich LION NW N-144 Yes
Pequot Library - Southport Sirsi-Dynix PQT J-174 Yes
Perrot Memorial Library - Old Greenwich III-Sierra PEM J-67 Yes
Plainfield High School Follett-Destiny PLFD c/o Aldrich Library route M-133; put Plainfield High School in 'Remarks' on the slip  
Plainville Public Library LCI PL D-152 Yes
Plumb Memorial Library - Main - Shelton Bibliomation SHLTON K-168 Yes
Pomfret Public Library CONNcert POM M-153 Yes
Preston Public Library LION PRES N-155 Yes
Prospect Public Library CONNcert PRPT K-156 Yes
Public Library of New London LION NL N-128 Yes
Raymond Library - Montville A-G/Verso RMND N-146 Yes
Rockville Public Library - Vernon Bibliomation ROCKVL C-191 Yes
Rowayton Library Bibliomation ROWLIB J-143 Yes
Russell Library - Middletown LION MD X-105 Yes
Saxton B. Little Free Library - Columbia CONNcert SAX M-31


Scotland Public Library CONNcert SCOT M-165 Yes
Scoville Memorial Library - Salisbury Bibliomation SLSBRY G-164 Yes
Scranton Memorial Library - Madison LION MA X-97 Yes
Seymour Public Library Bibliomation SEYMOR K-166 Yes
Shepaug Valley School Library - Washington BookSystems-Atrium SHVS c/o Minor Memorial Library - Roxbury route F-162; put Shepaug Valley School Library in 'Remarks' on the slip  
Sherman Library Bibliomation SRMAN F-169 Yes
Silas Bronson Library - Waterbury Bibliomation WTRBRY F-196 Yes
Simsbury Public Library LCI SI D-170 Yes
Slater Public Library - Griswold Bibliomation SLATER N-68 Yes
Somers Public Library Bibliomation SOMERS C-171 Yes
South Windsor Public Library LCI SW C-172 Yes
Southbury Public Library Bibliomation SBURY F-173 Yes
Southington Library LCI SO K-175 Yes
Sprague Public Library - Baltic Bibliomation SPRAGUE N-6 Yes
St. Thomas Seminary - Archbishop O'Brien Library - Bloomfield   STTH   Yes
Stafford Public Library Bibliomation SFFRD C-176 Yes
Sterling Public Library   STRL M-149 Yes
Stonington Free Library TLC STON N-179 Yes
Stratford Library Association Sirsi/Dynix Horizon STRATFORD K-182 Yes
Taft School Library - Watertown   TAFT    
Three Rivers Comm Coll - Norwich Alma/Primo 3CT N-145 Yes
Tolland Public Library Bibliomation TLLAND C-186 Yes
Torrington Library Association TLC TORR G-187 Yes
Trumbull Library Sirsi/Dynix TRM K-189 Yes
U. S. Subase Library - New London EOS SUB N-72 Yes
Univ. of Bridgeport - Wahlstrom Library   UBM K-16 Yes
Voluntown Public Library A-G/Verso VLTN N-192 Yes
Wallingford Public Library LION WA X-193 Yes
Waterford Public Library SECONN WFRD N-199 Yes
Watertown Library Association CONNcert WTN G-200 Yes
Westbrook Public Library LION WS X-207 Yes
Western Conn State University - Haas Library Alma/Primo WCSM F-36 Yes
Weston Public Library Bibliomation WESTON J-208 Yes
Westport Library Polaris WEST J-209 Yes
Wheeler Library - North Stonington CONNcert WHE N-139 Yes
Willimantic Public Library Bibliomation WLMNTC M-211 Yes
Willington Public Library CONNcert MEDW C-214 Yes
Wilton Library Polaris WLA J-215 Yes
Woodbridge Town Library LION WD X-223 Yes
Woodbury Public Library Bibliomation WDBRY F-224 Yes

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Libraries Participating in requestIT by Library Code

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The following 131 libraries have been trained on using requestIT CT and are participating in the basic ILL system. deliverIT routes updated: June 12, 2020.

Library Code Library Name deliverIT Route Resuming reQuestIT ILL?
3CT Three Rivers Comm Coll - Norwich N-145 Yes
4M Enfield Library  C-52 Yes
5MLSC Middletown Library Service Center E-108 Yes
ALDR Aldrich Free Public Library - Moosup M-113 Yes
ANDV Andover Public Library M-2 Yes
BAKV Bakerville Library - New Hartford G-123 Yes
BDIM Booth & Dimock Memorial Library - Coventry M-33 Yes
BE Clark Memorial Library - Bethany K-9 Yes
BETH Bethlehem Public Library G-11 Yes
BETHEL Bethel Public Library F-10  
BFALLS Beacon Falls Public Library K-7 Yes
BILL Bill Memorial Library - Groton N-70 Yes
BOLTON Bentley Memorial Library - Bolton  M-13 Yes
BR James Blackstone Memorial Library - Branford X-14 Yes
BRDL Beardsley Library - Winsted G-220 Yes
BRGWTR Burnham Library - Bridgewater F-18 Yes
BRKL Brooklyn Town Library M-21 Yes
BRKFLD Brookfield Library F-20 Yes
CAES Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station - New Haven    
CH Cheshire Public Library K-27  
CHST Chester Public Library E-28 Yes
CRNWAL Cornwall Public Library G-32 Yes
CWK Bracken Memorial Library - Woodstock M-225 Yes
DARI Darien Library J-39 Yes
DBY Danbury Library F-35 Yes
EASTON Easton Public Library J-50 Yes
EGBY East Granby Public Library C-43 Yes
EHAVEN Hagaman Memorial Library - East Haven K-47 Yes
EL East Lyme Public Library  N-135 Yes
ELNGTN Hall Memorial Library - Ellington C-51 Yes
EX Essex Library X-55 Yes
FEMM Ferguson Library - Stamford J-177 Yes
FRML Farmington Library D-60 Yes
FRP Fairfield Public Library J-56 Yes
GOSH Goshen Public Library G-64 Yes
GRWH Greenwich Library J-66 Yes
GTN Groton Public Library N-69 Yes
GU Guilford Free Library X-73 Yes
HA Brainerd Memorial Library - Haddam X-74 Yes
HACS Holy Apostles Coll & Seminary - Cromwell c/o Cromwell Belden Public Library route E-34; Make sure to put Holy Apostles College & Seminary in 'Remarks' on the routing slip Yes
HARW Harwinton Public Library G-85 Yes
HCH Henry Carter Hull Library - Clinton E-29 Yes
HEBRON Douglas Library of Hebron E-86 Yes
HM Hamden Public Library X-75 Yes
HPL Hartford Public Library D-78 Yes
HSEM Hartford International University Library X-81 Yes
HVHS Housatonic Valley Reg. High School - Canaan c/o David Hunt Library - Falls Village route G-59;
Make sure to put Housatonic Valley Reg. High School in 'Remarks' on the routing slip
JCCL Janet Carlson Calvert Library - Franklin N-62 Yes
JTRUMBULL Jonathan Trumbull Library - Lebanon N-92 Yes
KENT Kent Memorial Library - Kent G-88 Yes
KLNGLY Killingly Public Library M-37  
LB Bill Library - Ledyard N-94 Yes
LG Gales Ferry Library N-93 Yes
LITFLD Oliver Wolcott Library - Litchfield G-95 Yes
LYM Lyme Public Library  E-96 Yes
MA Scranton Memorial Library - Madison X-97 Yes
MBY Middlebury Public Library F-103 Yes
MC Mitchell College Library - New London N-130 Yes
MD Russell Library - Middletown X-105 Yes
ME Meriden Public Library X-102 Yes
MEDW Willington Public Library C-214 Yes
MILFORD Milford Public Library  K-110 Yes
MONROE Edith Wheeler Memorial Library - Monroe K-111 Yes
MORRIS Morris Public Library G-114 Yes
MTVH Montville High School Library

c/o Raymond Library route N-146
Make sure to put Montville High School in 'Remarks' on the routing slip

MYS Mystic & Noank Library N-115 Yes
Library Code Library Name deliverIT Route Resuming reQuestIT ILL?
NB Atwater Memorial Library - North Branford X-137 Yes
NCV New Canaan Library J-120 Yes
NFLD New Fairfield Free Public Library F-121 Yes
NH North Haven Memorial Library X-138 Yes
NHFD Licia & Mason Beekley Community Lib. - New Hartford G-122 Yes
NHP New Haven Free Public Library K-124 Yes
NKCT Norwalk Community College J-142 Yes
NL Public Library of New London N-128 Yes
NMLFRD New Milford Public Library F-132 Yes
NORFLK Norfolk Library G-136 Yes
NW Otis Library - Norwich N-144 Yes
NWCT Northwestern Community College - Winsted G-221 Yes
NWK Norwalk Public Library J-141 Yes
OS Acton Library - Old Saybrook X-148 Yes
PEM Perrot Memorial Library - Old Greenwich J-67 Yes
PLFD Plainfield High School c/o Aldrich Library route M-133;  Make sure to put Plainfield High School in 'Remarks' on the routing slip  
PL Plainville Public Library D-152 Yes
POM Pomfret Public Library M-153 Yes
PQT Pequot Library - Southport J-174 Yes
PRES Preston Public Library N-155 Yes
PRPT Prospect Public Library K-156 Yes
RB East Haddam Free Public Library - Moodus X-112 Yes
REDDNG Mark Twain Library - Redding F-158 Yes
REG7 Northwestern Regional #7 - Winsted c/o Northwestern Comm. College. route G-221; Make sure to put Northwestern Regional #7 in 'Remarks' on the routing slip  
RMND Raymond Library - Montville N-146 Yes
ROCKVL Rockville Public Library - Vernon C-191 Yes
ROWLIB Rowayton Library J-143 Yes
RXBURY Minor Memorial Library - Roxbury F-162 Yes
SAX Saxton B. Little Free Library - Columbia M-31 Yes
SBURY Southbury Public Library F-173 Yes
SCOT Scotland Public Library M-165 Yes
SEYMOR Seymour Public Library K-166 Yes
SFFRD Stafford Public Library C-176 Yes
SHARON Hotchkiss Library of Sharon G-167 Yes
SHLTON Plumb Memorial Library - Main - Shelton K-168 Yes
SHVS Shepaug Valley School Library - Washington c/o Minor Memorial Library - Roxbury route F-162; Make sure to put Shepaug Valley School Library in 'Remarks' on the routing slip  
SI Simsbury Public Library  D-170 Yes
SLATER Slater Public Library - Griswold N-68 Yes
SLSBRY Scoville Memorial Library - Salisbury G-164 Yes
SO Southington Library K-175 Yes
SOMERS Somers Public Library C-171 Yes
SPRAGUE Sprague Public Library - Baltic N-6 Yes
SRMAN Sherman Library F-169 Yes
STLIB Connecticut State Library - Main - Hartford X-84 Yes
STON Stonington Free Library N-179 Yes
STRATFORD Stratford Library Association K-182 Yes
STRL Sterling Public Library M-149 Yes
STTH St. Thomas Seminary - Archbishop O'Brien Library - Bloomfield - Yes
SUB U. S. Subase Library - New London N-72 Yes
SW South Windsor Public Library C-172 Yes
TAFT Taft School Library - Watertown -  
TLLAND Tolland Public Library C-186 Yes
TORR Torrington Library Association G-187 Yes
TRM Trumbull Library K-189 Yes
UBM Univ. of Bridgeport - Wahlstrom Library K-16 Yes
VLTN Voluntown Public Library N-192 Yes
WA Wallingford Public Library X-193 Yes
WD Woodbridge Town Library X-223 Yes
WDBRY Woodbury Public Library F-224 Yes
WCSM Western Conn State University - Haas Library F-36 Yes
WEST Westport Library J-209 Yes
WESTON Weston Public Library J-208 Yes
WFRD Waterford Public Library N-199 Yes
WHE Wheeler Library - North Stonington N-139 Yes
WLA Wilton Library J-215 Yes
WLMNTC Willimantic Public Library M-211 Yes
WS Westbrook Public Library X-207 Yes
WSHGTN Gunn Memorial Library - Washington F-195 Yes
WTN Watertown Library Association G-200 Yes
WTRBRY Silas Bronson Library - Waterbury F-196 Yes

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