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deliverIT CT (formerly Connecticar): borrowIT Estimates

Statewide Library Delivery Service

borrowIT Returns via Delivery - Estimates for FY 2018

Are you curious to know how many borrowIT returns your library sends and receives through the delivery service? If so, please read on.

What is borrowIT CT

borrowIT (formerly knows as Connecticard or Ccard) is the cooperative program among public libraries in Connecticut that allows a resident of any town in the state who holds a valid borrower card issued by their home library to use that card to borrow materials from any of the 192 public libraries participating in the program. Patrons can return items either directly to the owning library or by returning them to their local library who will return them using the deliverIT, the statewide library delivery service. 


A general formula for calculating an estimate of how may borrowIT transactions get returned through a delivery service is:

Total items delivered minus Interlibrary Loans equals borrowIT returns

The State Library asks libraries to collect and report their deliverIT volume. For the first time we have data for a complete fiscal year, FY2018. The CT Public Library Statistical Profile contains data on public libraries' Interlibrary Loan (ILL) activity for the fiscal year. Subtracting ILL activity from total items delivered will yield an estimate of a libraries borrowIT returns that are transported by the delivery system*. 

A hypothetical example

Anytown Public Library completed their Annual Report fpr FY2018. They reported that they filled 50 ILL lending requests for libraries in Connecticut and borrowed 25 items through ILL from libraries in Connecticut in FY2018. Their ILL activity therefore accounts for 75 items in their Inbound delivery and 75 items in their Outbound delivery. (ILL items have to be shipped to a library and returned to a library, so we add their ILL borrowing and lending and use it for both Inbound and Outbound delivery traffic.) 

Anytown Public Library counted and reported their deliverIT volume for all 12 months of FY2018.  They reported that they received 200 items (Inbound) and that they shipped 150 items (Outbound delivery).

Using the general formula yields the following:

  • 200 (Inbound dropped off)  minus 75 (ILLs) equals 125 borrowIT items other libraries returned to Anytown Library 
    • 37%% of their inbound deliverIT traffic is ILL and 63% is their borrowIT returns.
  • 150 (Outbound picked up) minus 75 (ILLs) equals 75 borrowIT items Anytown Library returned to other libraries
    • 50% of their outbound deliverIT traffic is ILL and 50% is borrowIT items they are returning
Data by library

The spreadsheet below contains estimates for borrowIT returns that get delivered through the delivery service. The spreadsheet contains columns showing public libraries' ILL activity followed by columns for borrowIT Incoming and Outgoing activity. The ILL numbers come from the Library Statistical Report for FY 2018. The deliverIT Incoming and Outgoing numbers come from the deliverIT volume numbers libraries reported for all 12 months of FY 2018. The borrowIT numbers come from subtracting ILL numbers from total deliverIT volume.


  • The charts include public libraries only.
  • The charts include numbers only for libraries that submitted 12 months of data for FY 2018 for the deliverIT volume surveys. 
  • Some cells in the borrowIT columns are blank. Negative numbers are suppressed since they don't make sense. A negative number most likely means that the library contracts for supplemental service. It may also mean that there's an error in the numbers or the spreadsheet or that there's an error in one of the formulas. If you spot an error, please let Steve Cauffman, know so that he can look into it!
  • The data does not account for some situations, for example if a library mails an ILL to another library in Connecticut.  

*If your library uses a delivery service in addition to deliverIT, you can input the incoming and outgoing numbers of the other delivery service into the spreadsheet and the borrowIT numbers will adjust accordingly.

What is deliverIT CT?

deliverIT CT - Statewide Library Delivery, A service of the CT State Library

deliverIT CT (formerly Connecticar or Ccar) is Connecticut's statewide library delivery service. deliverIT CT transports about 1.5 million library items per year to 215 public and academic libraries in the state.


deliverIT CT is funded by the State of Connecticut and the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Connecticut State Library.

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