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Connecticut Constitutional History

This guide will provide information about how to research Connecticut's constitutional history.

Constitution of 1955

The Constitution of 1955 was not a revision of the text, but rather a codification of the many amendments that had already been passed. The action was treated as an amendment, which required the General Assembly's approval as opposed to a constitutional convention. A special election was held on June 22, 1953, as explained in the following text, printed in the State of Connecticut Register and Manual of 1955:


As amended on June 22, 1953. . .Effective January 1, 1955

Amendments to the Constitution of Connecticut "To Incorporate forty-seven Amendments in the Constitution of the State, without Other Revision" and "Concerning the Election and Inauguration of State Officers" were submitted to and approved by the electors of the State at town meetings in the one hundred and sixty-nine towns on June 22, 1953. Governor John Lodge, on July 2, 1953, issued a proclamation declaring the amendments approved and valid."

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