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Capital Punishment in Connecticut




Public Act 87-260

Added a provision that no person who had not been indicted by a grand jury prior to May 26, 1983 could be tried for any crime punishable by death or life inprisonment, unless a court at a preliminary hearing determines that there is probable cause to believe that the defendant committed the offense charged.

Public Act 85-366

Setting forth how a judge or jury is to determine whether a mitigating factor concerning the defendant's character, background, or history, or the nature of the circumstances of the crime exists.

Public Act 85-144

Eliminated the defense of drug dependency from the capital felony of illegal sale of narcotics to a person who dies as a direct result of using the narcotics.

Public Act 83-210

Establishes a procedure for probable cause hearing for defendants charged with an offense punishable with death or life imprisonment.

Public Act 83-327

Clarifying that certain provisions of the General Statutes related to death penalty hearings applied to convictions occuring on or after a particular date.

Public Act 80-335

Added murder committed in the course of a sexual assault and the murder of two or more persons at the same time to the definition of capital felony.

Public Act 80-332

Prohibited the death penalty if a mitigating factor related to the defendant's character, background and history, or nature and circumstances of the crime existed. Also required any death sentence to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.


Public Act 74-84

Allowed women to be designated as an allowable witness to the execution.

Public Act 73-576

Prohibited a jury trial for a capital office with fewer than 12 jurors unless the defendant consents.

Public Act 73-137

Designated six offenses as capital felonies and provided for a procedure for imposing the death penalty.

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