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Connecticut State Register & Manual: Online by Year

Historic and current resources related to the Connecticut State Register & Manual

What Is Online

Below are links to freely available copies of the Register & Manual through the CT State Library Digital Collections, and through resources outside of the CT State Library (HathiTrust, Internet Archive, etc.). Please take note of our link disclaimer for any links outside of the CT State Library website. Please ask a librarian for assistance if the year you need is not listed as additional years may be added to these resources in the future. 

primo links in record under view it and/or links


Some links will bring you to the CT State Library Primo (catalog) record and you will need to click further to view the item.

Links will be available in the View It and/or Links sections of the Primo record. Please check both areas by selecting options from the menu on the left side of the record (shown to the left).
Please ask a librarian for assistance if you are unable to access the online copy. 
There are some indexes for biographies and selected subjects. They are listed in a box after the current editions.



2000 - present