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Federal Documents Research Guide

FDLP logoThe Connecticut State Library participates in the Federal Depository Library Program. Through the program we  receive, at no charge, all the documents issued by federal agencies and published by the Superintendent of Documents. Additionally, we include links in our catalog to online federal documents. Our collection of federal material dates back to 1789 and contains over 1.5 million documents in print, microform and electronic formats. 

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Federal Depository Library Program

Federal Depository Library Program The Program (FDLP) is governed by USC Title 44 and is administered by the Superintendent of Documents of the Government Printing Office. The program is over 100 years old and we are part of a network of hundreds of libraries across the United States dedicated to local no-fee access to federal government information.

The Federal Depository Library Directory includes contact information to the twenty-seven libraries in Connecticut and Rhode Island that serve as depository libraries. The Connecticut State Library was designated the Regional Library for Connecticut in 1962 and for Rhode Island in 1982. As the Regional Library, we receive and permanently retain all the publications issued through the FDLP, and visit and consult with the other depository libraries regarding compliance with FDLP procedures. All the other depository libraries may receive documents based on individual library needs and are only required to retain documents for 5 years. Each depository must make their federal documents collections available to the public.

Regional Documents Coordinator is Kris Abery.

Finding Federal Documents

Finding Federal Documents at the Library

  • Locations of documents published since 1976, including links to online versions, are included in our catalog
  • Locations of documents issued before 1976 may not be in our catalog, so we'll be happy to assist you: 860-757-6500

Frequently Requested Topics:

  • Census
  • Congress
  • Patents
  • Information on the Presidency

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