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Judge & Attorney Biographies

Vertefeuille, Christine S.

As Printed in the Connecticut Reports, volume 250, page iii

Appointed to the Appellate Court September 2, 1999, to take effect September 13, 1999. 


As Printed in the Connecticut Reports, volume 252, page iii

Appointed to the Supreme Court November 22, 1999, to take effect January 3, 2000. 

Vinal, Charles G. R.

As Printed in the Connecticut Reports, volume 104, pages 749 - 750

CHARLES GREEN RICH VINAL died August 13th, 1926. He was born January 14th, 1840. His home was Middletown. Mr. Vinal was admitted to the bar at the September term, 1863. He was appointed by the judges, clerk of the Superior Court in Middlesex County, at their annual meeting held on June 27th, 1865, for one year, and by successive annual appointments served until June 30th, 1906, when he was succeeded by his brother Frederick Vinal. On September 23d, 1910, he was appointed temporary clerk by reason of his brother’s illness, and at the meeting of the judges in June, 1911, was appointed clerk and served as such by successive annual appointments until July 9th, 1919, when he retired. Counting the time he served as temporary clerk from September 23d, 1910, to June 30th, 1911, he served as clerk of the Superior Court forty-nine years, nine months and sixteen days. In addition to this service as clerk, he was assistant clerk under his brother three years, six months and twenty-five days, so that his entire period of service in the clerk’s office was something over fifty-three years.

He left surviving him his wife, M. Amelia Hotchkiss, to whom he was married October 19th, 1866. Mr. Vinal was a graduate of Wesleyan University and served in the Civil War. He held various public offices in his long career, including mayor of Middletown, State Senator, and he was Secretary of State for four years. For a number of years Mr. Vinal, owing to his advanced age, had not taken an active part in politics, but he was for a long time influential in the Republican party and was a well known figure at the State conventions.

He was a gentleman of the old school and those who knew him best, best appreciated his real worth. He was dignified and deliberate. He was a man of the most sensitive honor. He was one of the best and most reliable clerks in the State of Connecticut, and was so rated by the judges. He was one of the fine type of court officials. He early became master of the rules and statutes affecting clerical duties. He was a careful student and as such went to the bottom of statutes and rules for the proper interpretation and application of them. He did his work thoroughly and well. He loved his work. Someone once asked Turner, the great painter, how he mixed his colors to get such wonderful effects in his canvases. He replied, “With brains.” Mr. Vinal put brains into his work and with correspondingly good results. He was by education and experience well equipped for the many important and exacting duties of clerk; and further he had deservedly the confidence of bench and bar. He was an unselfish, kindly man. He loved the companionship of his friends and he had the happy faculty of creating an atmosphere of joy and good fellowship wherever he was and in every circle he honored with his presence. With all his other qualities he was a man of strong convictions. He had a strong will, a determination from which he could not be swerved, when he believed that truth, right or duty was involved. He was blessed with tact, strong common sense and self-control. He never lost his temper or said unpleasant things or made unpleasant criticisms. If he differed with anyone as to any matter, whether personal or official, he did so with delightful good nature and politeness. He held himself to be most essentially a servant of the public, and as such believed that the public was entitled to receive courteous treatment at his hands.

Mr. Vinal lived a long life, useful and exemplary, and the people of Middlesex County and the State at large have been fortunate indeed to have had within their borders a citizen of such high ideals, and one rendering such long and splendid service to the State.

*Prepared by Hon. Silas A. Robinson of Middletown, at the request of the Reporter.

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