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Suggested resources for federal and Connecticut education statistics and demographics.

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Citation - Data, Statistics, Demographics

Proper citation is important.

When citing a table, you should include all the information provided with the table, as well as the source of the information. If the table has a number, include that along with the title of the table.

Other Institutions

Here are a few suggested guides. Some libraries may use the terms datastatistics/stats, and demographics interchangeably. There is a trend to call most quantitative information "data".

The Connecticut State Library (CSL) does not subscribe to all the same commercial databases as other libraries - and access to items on their guides might not be available to patrons with a CSL library card.

Citing Sources - General Information

It is very important to cite all your sources, and cite them properly.

When the author is a group, rather than a person(s), it can be a little tricky. Government documents usually use the agency as the author, and almost always include it along with a person (if named). The records in library catalogs and databases often display the information needed.

Here are just a few resources that might help: