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requestIT CT - Statewide Interlibrary Loan: News

Statewide Interlibrary Loan


requestIT CT is Connecticut's new statewide Interlibrary Loan service. requestIT is the Interlibrary Loan module in findIT CT, Connecticut's statewide library catalog and both services use FulfILLment open source software.

April 2017: Twenty-five libraries were trained to use the basic ILL system and began using the system to fill legitimate ILL requests.

September 2017: requestIT CT was opened to all libraries in Connecticut that wish to participate starting. We are using the 'basic' ILL system, which allows staff members to place and track ILL requests.   

December 2017: Here's a wrap-up on the training that we offered from September to December 2017:

  • 17 Training sessions
  • 8 Different locations
  • 193 Attendees
  • 133 Libraries represented

requestIT CT Training Sessions - Starting September 2017

requestIT CT Training Sessions


requestIT CT is the statewide Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service in the findIT CT statewide library catalog. requestIT CT uses FulfILLment open source software. Starting on September 12, 2017, requestIT CT is open to all libraries in Connecticut.

If your library would like to participate in requestIT CT, then please register for a training session. At each session, requestIT CT Coordinator Steve Cauffman will walk you through the basic ILL system. The basic ILL system allows staff members to place requests for patrons. Steve will show you how to place a request and how to update requests so that they make their way through the entire ILL process successfully. Your library will be live on requestIT CT starting with a training session, so you'll be able to go back to your library and begin using the system.

Upcoming Training Sessions

requestIT CT training sessions are hands-on and are 3 hours long. 

  • More training sessions will be offered in 2018 - please check back...

You only need to attend one training session. 

Registration closes at 4 pm, 4 business days before the date of the class. We have to do some set up in the system before a training session and that takes time so we have to close registration a few days before the class.


The following are requirements for participating in requestIT CT and for attending a requestIT CT training session:

  • Submit your library’s holdings to us (if you haven't done so already) so that they can be added to the findIT CT catalog. Ideally your library’s holdings will be in the findIT CT catalog by the time you attend requestIT training.
  • Be willing to lend materials from your library’s collection through requestIT CT in addition to borrowing materials from other libraries participating in requestIT CT.
  • Abide by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the United States ( for all Interlibrary Loan requests processed through requestIT CT


Cost to attend requestIT CT training: Free

Participation Fee: There will be no requestIT CT participation fee through December 31, 2017. We anticipate that we will begin charging for participation at some point in calendar year 2018. We expect that the fee for the first year will be approximately $325 per year, which had been the fee from 2010 for participation in the previous statewide system.


Contact Steve Cauffman, or 860-704-2223.

Update - August 2017

The requestIT pilot will resume now that new findIT drives have been installed and since the deliverIT suspension is over.

We created a page for requestIT ILL statistics and it is at You will see that statistics are low and that's because it's a pilot and only 24 libraries are participating at this time.

Given that August is a popular month for vacations and since some libraries will need time to get used to the new deliverIT parameters, we are going to postpone rolling out requestIT statewide until September. 

Update - June 2017

The requestIT CT pilot that began on April 12 continues. ILL volume is relatively low at this time. Only 24 libraries are participating in the pilot and 2 of those libraries are only borrowing, which leaves 22 lending libraries. New material is not in the findIT catalog yet, which further limits utility of ILL.

Due to the server space issues we plan on delaying the roll out of requestIT statewide ILL and will begin training no earlier than the middle of July. 

Update - April 2017

We are going to begin using the basic ILL system, which allows library staff members to place ILL requests on behalf of patrons. Patron initiated-requesting will be rolled out when we begin using connectors. We don't expect to begin implementing connectors until the fall. We will also have to build/program some connectors and that process will take time.

We put out a call for volunteer libraries to participate in a requestIT CT pilot. During the pilot we will address any questions, refine the training material and process, and take the opportunity to work out any kinks in the system. We planned on 12 libraries participating in the pilot, but we received about 30 responses to the call for volunteers and we are considering allowing more libraries to participate. Libraries participating in the pilot will be trained on April 12 and will begin using the basic requestIT CT system then. If all goes as planned, we'll run the pilot for 6 weeks, open the basic ILL system to all interested libraries, and begin training in June. We expect training on the basic ILL system to continue through September. 

Interlibrary Loan Code

The Reference and User Services Association (RUSA) of the American Library Association (ALA) provides the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States (linked below). The Explanatory Supplement to the code (also linked below) points out that the code "does not override individual or consortial agreements or regional or state codes which may be more liberal or more prescriptive. This national code is intended to provide guidelines for exchanges between libraries where no other agreement applies." The Interlibrary Loan code is reviewed and revised every seven years. The current version went through a 2 year revision process and the resulting changes were approved in January 2016.

ILL requests processed in requestIT CT fall under the provisions of this code.

Blank ILL form for offline requests

For background on the ILL Code  and the latest revision try the article, "Unlocking the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States" (PDF)

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requestIT CT is Connecticut's new
Statewide Interlibrary Loan Service

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