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Aerial Photographs

The Connecticut State Library holds several statewide aerial photograph collections & additional smaller collections.

1980 Aerial

State Archives Record Group 079, Records of the Department of Environmental Protection 

Dates of photography: March and April 1980
Photographed by: Aero Graphics Corp., Bohemia, NY
Scale of photography: 1:12,000
Size of prints 9" x 9"
Scale of index 1:50,000

This set includes a time stamp on the photographs at the beginning and end of number runs. Thus, in a run from photo number 995 through 1025, 995 and 1025 would be stamped, but not the images in between.

Copy print information:

Aero Graphics, Inc., 1575 Smithtown Ave., Bohemia, NY 11716, tel. 516-589-6045, FAX 516-589-6047.

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