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U.S. Congressional Serial Set

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United States Congressional Serial Set

The United States Congressional Serial Set is a bound compilation of House and Senate Documents and House and Senate Reports. Publication began with the 15th Congress/1st session (1817). Documents of the first fourteen Congresses (1789-1816) were published in the American State Papers. The serial number is a unique number applied to each book in the series running consecutively from the 15th Congress. Information on the publication and history of the Serial Set is available from the Government Publishing Office.

Congressional Serial Set

Paper Holdings and Locations

1817 - 1899 (15th - 55th Congress), Serial Set volumes 1 to 3841 are stored in secured collections.
1899 - present (56th Congress - ) beginning with volume 3842 are shelved on the 6th floor of the stacks. Oversize volumes are shelved on the west wall.

Microfiche Holdings and Locations

1857 - 1879 (35th - 45th Congress), volumes 917 - 1867, stored in cabinets in office off of Balcony (L-502).
1979 - 1982 (96th - 97th Congress), volumes 13221 - 13495 in microfiche cabinets on 6th floor of the stacks. Filed under "X Congress-session:Serial Set number."
1983 - present (98th Congress - ), volume 13497 - in microfiche cabinets on 6th floor of the stacks. Filed under Y 1.1/2: Serial Set number.

Indexes/Finding Aids

Beginning with the 96th Congress (1981) Serial Set volumes for each Congress contain Reports and Documents bound in numerical sequence, so if you have the Congress and Report or Document number you can just go in the stacks to find the appropriate volume.

Before the 96th Congress (1981), Reports and Documents were not bound in a numerical sequence in the Serial Set volumes. To determine which Serial Set volume contains a specific Report or Document consult one of these finding aids:

1789 - present Proquest Congressional is available through the public Internet terminals at the Connecticut State Library.
1779 - 1969 (1st - 91st Congress) CIS US Serial Set Index (GIS REF Z 1223.Z9 C65)
1897 - 1905 (54th/2nd session - 58th/ 2nd session) Index to Subjects of the Documents and Reports (GIS REF GP 3.7: )
1909 - 1933 (60th - 72nd Congress) Index to Reports and Documents of the ... Congress. (GIS REF GP 3/7: )
1933 - 1973 (73rd - 93rd/1st session) Numerical Lists and Schedule of volumes of Reports and Documents of the ... Congress. (GIS REF GP 3.7/2)

Online Versions

1817-1980 (15th-96th Congress) U.S. Congressional Serial Set, a digital edition produced by the Readex Division of Newsbank, is available through the public Internet terminals at the Connecticut State Library. This database is being continuously updated.

1817-1873 (15th through 42nd Congress) American Memory.

104th Congress (1995/1996) -  Congress. gov
Full text of committee reports and some Senate treaty documents. Search by keyword, bill number, report number, committee name or sponsor.

104th (Congress (1995/1996) -  
Includes full text of Serial Set publications in html or pdf format. Search by keyword, bill number, popular name, committee name or sponsor.

Research Tools

Research Tools

Examples of tools to help use the Serial Set.

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