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LSTA Policies and Procedures Manual

Policies and procedures related to LSTA subgrants and LSTA funding from IMLS

Financial Procedures for Subgrants

Application for Payment of Federal Grant:

This form, which is mailed with the grant contract, lists the grant payment dates and amounts. For literacy grants, typically, half of the grant is disbursed at the beginning of the project, and the other half is disbursed after the midpoint reports are received. A library can submit a request on letterhead to adjust the payment amounts to receive more money at the beginning of the project if it is needed to purchase project materials. For planning grants, the entire grant amount is disbursed at the beginning of the project.

Initiating payments:

Once the signed contract and forms are received back from Kendall Wiggin, State Librarian, email a pdf of the entire contract to the library for their records. Fill out a purchase requisition for each grant and send it with the related contract and application for payment to Dawn (cc Suzanne Kiss) who will send them to Frank Calvi, Financial Officer. Frank will forward the information to DAS for further approval. DAS will prepare a purchase order for each grant and forward it to Frank and the LSTA Coordinator.

To request the second payment for literacy grants, send an email to Dawn La Valle, cc'ing Lynette Baisden, with a request to initiate the payment and scanned copy of the Application for Payment. The second payment should be released only after the library has submitted its midpoint reports and it has spent more than 75% of the first disbursal.

If the library has not completed required reports from this grant or a previous grant, notify them of this lapse and state that payments will not be issued until all of their reporting is complete.

Deadline for expenditure of grant funds:

All literacy grant funds must be spent or encumbered by June 30. If a grantee requests a project extension and Dawn approves it, they must spend all the funds by September 30. All planning grant funds must be spent within the six months of the project period. In all cases, grant activities can continue beyond the spending deadline.


If a grantee does not spend all the grant funds by the deadline, it must issue a refund to the state. The refund check should be made out to the “Connecticut State Library.” On the check and the accompanying memo, grantees should note the grant number and “LSTA reimbursement.”

Grantee should mail the check to Frank Calvi, Financial Officer. Send him an email to let him know the refund is coming.

Frank Calvi, Financial Officer
Connecticut State Library
231 Capitol Avenue
Hartford, CT 06106

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