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findIT CT - Statewide Library Catalog: CT Union List of Serials (CULS)

Connecticut Union List of Serials (CULS)

The Connecticut Union List of Serials (CULS) is a list of print and microfilm journal and newspaper holdings for close to 400 libraries in CT.  It is hosted and maintained at OCLC. There are approximately 60,000 titles and 150,000 holdings in CULS. 

There are 3 Excel versions of CULS below, each sorted differently:

  • Sorted Alphabetically by Title
  • Sorted by OCLC #
  • Sorted by ISBN/ISSN

Some things to keep in mind and some tips on using the Excel version of CULS:

  • The data is current as of June 27, 2017. (Note: due to budget cuts, we no longer have a subscription to update the Union List past this date.  Libraries may maintain their holdings on OCLC directly with a subscription)
  • Each file is about 10 MB - they are on the large side.
  • Each file contains more than 155,000 rows.
  • It is abbreviated because the columns containing 'leader' information and publisher information, among a few others, were removed. This helped reduce the size of the file and there are only 7 columns in the spreadsheet. (There were more than 60 columns in the original files.)
  • Some titles, OCLC#s or ISBN/ISSNs are listed multiple times, i.e. appear on multiple rows. This is because there is one row for each library that owns the title (or OCLC# or ISBN/ISSN).
  • The summary of a library's holdings is in column F "Holdings Summary."
  • For the "Sorted by ISBN/ISSN" version - rows without an ISBN or ISSN are at the bottom of the sheet and they are alphabetical by title.
  • For the "Sorted Alphabetically by Title" version - the alphabetical arrangement is by Excel. Titles that start with symbols appear first on the list, followed by titles beginning with numbers, followed alphabetically A-Z. Also, for example, all of titles beginning with "A" are filed under the letter A and all titles beginning with "The" are filed under the letter T.

For Librarians: How to get a list of your library's titles and update your holdings

The Local Holdings Offline Product is available from OCLC at no charge.  Individual libraries can order a tab deliminated file of all of the local holdings they currently have in the Connecticut Union List of Serials from the OCLC Local Holdings Maintenance site: .

Note: Libraries with cataloging subscriptions to OCLC may update their serials holdings directly on OCLC. 

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