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Library Buildings and Construction

Info Sessions, Webinars, Tours

Construction Grant Information Sessions, FALL 2023: Dates TBD

Attendance at a construction grant information session is a requirement for all applicants.

Watch recordings of DLD's library construction and renovation webinars on DLD's Construction Playlist on YouTube.

Construction Grant Contact Information

Dawn La Valle, Construction Grant Administrator

Middletown Library Service Center
786 South Main St.
Middletown, CT 06457

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Program Description

Construction grants help you build




This program provides grants for public library construction projects in Connecticut that:

  • create usable space (Category #1 grants)
  • improve existing space (Category #2 grants)

Statutory References: Connecticut General Statutes (CGS) Section 11-24c

Funding Source:  State Bonding Fund

Program Information

*The State Library is pleased to share new changes impacting the Public Library Construction Grant program. For new grants after July 1, 2023, public library construction grants fund one-half of total project costs up to a maximum of $2 million or, for projects in a distressed municipality, up to eighty per cent of total project costs up to a maximum of $2 million.

These changes, proposed by the Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committee, were approved by the full General Assembly on June 7, 2023.

2023 Grant Program
The State Library announced the availability of library construction grants in the spring of 2023. Approximately $9 million in grant funds are available for Category 1 (new building, addition, major alteration) and Category 2 (accessibility, code compliance, emergency preparedness, remodeling, energy conservation, and maintenance (distressed municipalities)). Required Notice of Intent forms are due by June 30.

List of Active and Completed CT Construction Projects (PDF) - includes funding sources, architects, costs, etc.

All public libraries in the state of Connecticut. Preference given to libraries in distressed municipalities and to principal public libraries. Applicants must attend an information session prior to applying.

Amount of the Grant
For new grants after July 1, 2023, public library construction grants fund one-half of total project costs up to a maximum of $2 million or, for projects in a distressed municipality, up to eighty per cent of total project costs up to a maximum of $2 million. The minimum grant is $30,000, with a total project cost of $60,000.

Key Dates

  • Previous fall or spring - Members of the Building Committee, including the Library Director, attend a construction grant information session offered by the State Library.
  • By late May - Grant Program for Public Library Construction: Timetable and Guidelines (PDF), Grant Application Category 1 (Excel), and Grant Application Category 2 (Excel) are available for download. (See box "Grant Process" and tab "How to Apply")
  • By June 30 - The Notice of Intent form is due to the grant administrator.
  • By September 1 - The completed applications are due by 4 pm in the grant administrator's office.
  • By late November - The State Library Board takes action on the grants.
  • By January at the earliest - State Bond Commission approves the grants if library has local funding in place.
  • By 3 years after State Library Board approval (1 year for Category 2 grants), library must have local funding.
  • By 18 months following Bond Commission approval - The project must be initiated (sign with a building contractor).
  • By 5 years after issuance of the grant contract - The project must be completed and all payment requests submitted.

Grant Process

These contract templates are provided for informational purposes only. Your actual contract will be sent to you. The contract terms are non-negotiable. See also the link below to the summary of state ethics laws.

1. After your grant has been approved by the State Library Board, choose the appropriate "Step by Step" Guide below to learn about the next steps.

2. After your funding has been approved by the State Bond Commission, your grant contract will be sent to you. Download additional required documents here, including the Notice of Applicant's Funding. The Grant Contract Instructions will tell you what else you need. 

Association Libraries also submit this document with the grant contract:

3. Before you put out an Invitation to Bid, review the DAS prequalification requirements for individual contracts over $500,000:

Remember to send a draft of the Invitation to Bid to the State Library for review BEFORE you post it publicly. See the Timetable and Guidelines for instructions.

4. Within 30 days of signing a contract with a Contractor, submit this Notice of Contract Award form and additional documentation according to the instructions provided with the form.

Be sure to refer to the Timetable and Guidelines, Section 9, for complete instructions regarding grant payments.

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