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GELS: Growing Equitable Library Services

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Library Collections

When the average community resident thinks about the library, they normally think of books. While library workers know that the library is more about people than books, there is a lot of overlap.

As the nations population begins to change in race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexuality, it's important to see those changes positively and accurately represented in the library collection. 

Building an inclusive library collection with intentionality is a never ending process that requires constant maintenance, attention, and a re-evaluation of the makeup of the community and nation.

Collection maintenance is comprised of:

  • Acquisitions
  • Cataloging & processing
  • Shelving
  • Circulation
  • Deselection/weeding

Within these aspects of collection maintenance library workers navigate avoiding stereotypes, building inclusive collections that represent multiple voices, facilitating new and difficult conversations, and more. 

Creating Inclusive Collections

From Diversity to Inclusion: How to audit your collection and why

What is a diversity audit? 
Why we should audit our collections? 
Why might the structure of the publishing industry make it difficult to cultivate inclusivity? 
Why is it important to build collections that are diverse AND inclusive?

Answers to all of these questions and more in the below presentation.

Weeding in the Garden of Good and Evil

Weeding in the Garden of Good and Evil

Weeding your library's collection can be a daunting task, but it is a critical component to providing excellent library service to your community. This workshop will give you the tools and enthusiasm that you will need to assess your collection and make decisions on what material needs to be weeded out of it. Our approach to weeding is that it isn't the irresponsible disposal of the library's property, but rather a part of good public service to borrowers in terms of maintaining the best possible collection for the community.

The workshop will cover:

  • The purpose of weeding
  • Criteria for weeding decisions
  • The mechanics of weeding
  • Developing a weeding policy
  • Resources for disposal of weeded material

GELS: Building Diverse Classroom Collections and Facilitating New Conversations

Building Diverse Classroom Collections and Facilitating New Conversations

Join Kymberlee Powe, DLD's Children and YA Consultant as she guides educators and librarians on building diverse classrooms. You will learn how to identify the difference between a diverse collection and an inclusive one, how to perform a diversity audit, and where to find resources and book recommendations for increasing diversity and inclusion. Kym will offer ways to incorporate new books and topics into your classroom collection, and some tips for guiding conversations with students and parents about the new books.

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