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Who we are

CT Libraries and Partners for Digital Equity is a group gathered to ensure that community voices and the frontline experience of public library staff are elevated into the statewide conversation about digital equity best practices and policy priorities. Visit our public website to learn more.

Our Vision:
Connecticut Libraries and Partners for Digital Equity will advance the collaboration of libraries, community organizations, state agencies, and philanthropic groups to advocate the achievement of digital equity through universal affordable residential broadband adoption, the provision of devices to all who lack them, digital life skills training, and technical support. We aim to amplify community voices and needs through educational presentations and conversations with libraries, library organizations, library partners, and library stakeholders around the state. We will work to ensure that CT residents have the tools necessary to support education, health, well-being, economic prosperity, and the ability to function fully in society.


  • Strategic Communications (developing strategy and materials)
  • Education (preparing slide shows and fact sheets)
  • Community Information Collection (data gathering; community conversations, storytelling)
  • Outreach (presenting to stakeholders and conferences, tabling, recruiting new members)

If you would like to receive invitations to future meetings, please submit your name and contact information on this CLPDE interest list

a man uses his library card to check out a laptop computer from an automated kiosk

Cromwell Belden laptop kiosk

a woman stands behind a moveable service desk that reads Ask on the front

East Hartford mobile service point

a woman sits outdoors at a small metal table on a brick patio and types on her laptop computer

Outdoor WiFi access at Jonathan Trumbull Library in Lebanon

an automated vending kiosk for laptop computers at Farmington Library

Farmington Library laptop kiosk

poster advertising the laptop lending program from Farmington Libraries

Farmington Libraries laptop lending program

sign advertising Derby Public Library wireless internet access

Derby WiFi access

a woman sits on a bench outdoors and texts on her phone while it is plugged in to a solar charging station

New solar charger and bench in Kent

a woman sits outdoors at a round metal picnic table with a metal umbrella and works on her computer

Solar charging table in Kent

advertisement for new cell phone charging station at Salem Library

Salem charging station advertisement

ipads showing apps that encourage reading

Stonington iPads for keeping track of summer reading goals

two computers sit on a table with chairs in front of them

Stonington teen room computers

a woman sits on a bench outdoors and types on her laptop computer while a wireless hotspot is on the bench next ot her

Stratford hotspot in use

a woman sits on a chair and types on a computer placed on a wide table

Stratford patron uses a public access computer



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