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Service Center and Collections: Circulation Policy

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Circulation Policy for the Middletown Library Service Center

Connecticut State Library

Service Center Circulation Policy

  1. Long term loans of materials are available from the Middletown Center. Long term loans are available to Connecticut libraries and schools of all types, as well as to state agencies.
  2. In general, the loan period for books and non-print materials is three months. Some materials may have a shorter loan period.
  3. Reserves may be placed on items in circulation.
  4. Loans may be renewed if there are no reserves pending..
  5. When a loan is taken for school use, the school librarian is responsible for borrowing the materials. Any teacher who wishes to select materials from a Center must present a School Authorization Slip signed by the librarian (or the principal if there is no librarian) for each school year.
  6. Materials borrowed for use by a state agency must be borrowed by the librarian. If the agency has no librarian, the director or the director's delegate may borrow. The delegate must be authorized by the director in writing on official letterhead.
  7. Overdue Materials:
  • Borrowing libraries are sent lists of overdue materials on a regular basis. If a library has overdue material that is on reserve for another library, the centers may recall the item by phone.
  • Libraries are requested to replace lost or damaged materials rather than pay for them. If an item is out-of-print, libraries may replace the item with something similar in the same format (i.e. hardback book, book on CD, large print book, etc.) and on the same subject. If a library prefers to be billed for lost items, the library should notify the Service Centers as soon as possible.
  • The Service Centers will purchase replacements for any materials overdue for more than one year, and libraries will be billed for this replacement cost. It is most important, therefore, that libraries make every effort to locate library materials before reaching one-year overdue status.
  • Bill payments should be sent to the Fiscal Services Division of the State Library in Hartford. A copy of the bill must accompany payment.
  • Any borrowing library having $300 of outstanding bills may be denied all State Library Loan services until the account is cleared.

Approved 8/15/11 by Sharon Brettschneider, Division of Library Development.

Prepared by the Division of Library Development, Connecticut State Library, August 2011. Updated in 2018 to remove Willimantic Center.

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