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Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development

ACLPD Members


Ramona Burkey - Russell Library, Middletown
(Rep. CT Library Association)

Vice Chair

Michele R. Neff - Waterbury Career Academy

(Rep. School Media Center


Karen Tatarka - Weston Public Library, Bibliomation

(Rep. Shared Automation Systems)

Melissa Canham-Clyne - Clark Memorial Library
(Rep. Small Public Libraries)

(Rep. Library User Region 3)

Jennifer O. Keohane - Connecticut Library Consortium
(Rep. Connecticut Library Consortium)

(Rep. Library User Region 6)

Bridget Quinn-Carey Hartford Public Library

(Rep. Large Public Libraries)

Karen Townsend - Judicial Branch Law Library
(Rep. Special Libraries)

(Rep. Library User Region 4)

Patrick Ford - Mystic Seaport
(Rep. Institutional Libraries)

(Rep. Library User Region 2)

Karen Jensen James Blackstone Memorial Library

(Rep. Medium Public Libraries)

Kimberly Farrington – Elihu Buritt Library – Central CT State University

(Rep. Academic Libraries)


Vacant Positions:
Board of Regents

Department of Education

Rep. Persons with Disabilities
Rep. User Region 5
Rep. User Region 1


Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD)

The mission of the Advisory Council for Library Planning and Development (ACLPD) is to provide the State Library Board and staff with advice, perspective, and communication from the library community on matters relating to the State Library's various statewide program and service responsibilities, including the administration of the federal Library Services and Technology Act.

In meeting its mission, the ACLPD will provide advice, assistance, and guidance in the following specific areas:

  • planning for, and coordination of statewide library and information services;
  • policies for the operation of statewide library and information services;
  • development of programs and services;
  • trend analysis;
  • idea generation; and
  • problem solving.

The ACLPD will be centrally involved in all major planning efforts (with the exception of the Connecticut Digital Library) undertaken by the State Library with respect to statewide library and information services.

G. S. sec 11-1 (g)(2), provides for a membership on the ACLPD, which is broadly representative of the library and library, support community in Connecticut. Its 19 members consists of one representative from each of the following interest areas:

  • Small public libraries (serving less than 10,000 population);
  • Medium public libraries (serving 10,000 to 99,999 population);
  • Large public libraries (serving 100,000 and over population);
  • Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC);
  • Libraries participating in shared automation systems;
  • The Connecticut Library Association (CLA);
  • Special libraries;
  • Academic libraries;
  • Institution libraries;
  • Libraries serving persons with disabilities;
  • The Department of Education;
  • The Department of Higher Education; and
  • Six users of libraries.

In addition, the Act designates the State Librarian as the State Library Board's representative to the Council, and as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

The Council's regular meetings are held in February, April, June, August, October and December. October is considered the annual meeting. Additional meetings may be called as required. Task forces and committees will set their own meeting schedules to reflect the requirements of their timeline and work to be accomplished.All Council, committee, and task force meetings are open to the public.

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