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Statistics for Connecticut Public Libraries: Finding Stats On the Web

Start here for information on obtaining and using library statistics for your library, and for libraries throughout Connecticut and the United States.

National Library Statistics on the Web

Public Library Data for the United States

National Rankings - How Does Connecticut Rank?

The 2016 data files from the Institute of Museum and Library Service's Public Libraries in the United States Survey, released June 2018, places Connecticut libraries consistently in the top 10 in many categories. All 50 states submit data about services, staffing, income and expenditures on our nation's public libraries. The data from the Connecticut Public Library Survey is submitted in April each year by the State Library.

See 2016 National Public Library Data - State Rankings (latest available) for an interactive, web-based ranking tool (created on Tableau Public by the CT State Library).  This resource is created by the State Library, using IMLS data, and is not based on rankings made by IMLS.

"Because CT's Libraries Want to Remain Ahead of the Curve" Libraries Transform

Connecticut (and U.S.) Community Demographic and Socioeconomic Data

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