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Statistics for Connecticut Public Libraries: Data Visualization

Start here for information on obtaining and using library statistics for your library, and for libraries throughout Connecticut and the United States.

Compare Library to Similar Library Groups
Tableau Visualization Example

Comparing Individual Libraries
Tableau Visualization Example

CT Public Libraries: Trends
Statistical Trends of Connecticut Public Libraries Image

Statistics by Municipality
bar chart comparing towns

State Comparisons
map showing colored states

Data Visualizations from Tableau - Connecticut and National Library Data

Make use of the filters in these visualizations to create all your own charts and tables of library data using Tableau Public, which has different options compared to Excel.

Visualizations Specifically for Your Library:

Visualizations with All Connecticut Public Libraries:

Visualizations with National Public Library Statistics, Including State Totals:

Or download the Chart & Report Creator Excel Files to create charts in just three clicks!

Tableau Public

The CT State Library uses Tableau Public for all our Connecticut and national library statistics.

Because CT's Libraries Want to Remain Ahead of the Curve

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