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Bed Bugs in Libraries

  • "Don't let the Book Bugs Bite" (Article) from Library Journal - Note the list of 'Prevention Tips" at the end of the article.
  • Connecticut Bed Bug Forum and Connecticut Coalition Against Bed Bugs (CCAB) - includes links to videos, fact sheets, training workshop handouts, etc.
  • Bed Bugs: How to deal with them (PDF) - document from Gale Ridge from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station tips on preventing infestations and on travel precautions. (if printing: 2-sided, 8.5x11 paper, trifold)
  • Got Bed Bugs? (PDF)- document from Gale Ridge from the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station explaining the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to controlling bed bugs. (if printing - 2-sided, 8.5x11 paper, trifold)
  • Pesticides for managing bed bugs (PDF) Presentation by Dr. Richard Cowles from the Bed Bug Forum 2012, held at Middlesex Community College in Connecticut. [Briefly: Based on research, silica gel dust kills bed bugs 100% based on tests done for 112 days. The gel dust stays active for as long as 10 years. It's available commercially as the pesticide 'CimeXa Insecticide Dust' from Rockwell Labs. While it's listed as a 'do it yourself' product, your library's pest control service can help you determine if application of a pesticide like CimeXa is suitable for your library.]
  • Effect of common pest control treatments on collection materials (PDF) - Notes from a presentation by Jane F. Cullinane, Preservation and Digital Projects Librarian at the Connecticut State Library
  • - Some things in library collections should not receive the usual heat treatment. has information on insects, rodents, mold and other pests in museum, library and archival collections and historic structures. Sections on Prevention, Monitoring, Identification, Treatment and Resouces. The section on Treatment discusses safe ways to use a freezer to kill insects without damaging your permanent collection materials. Of course, some materials can't be frozen either. See the details at "Low temperature treatment".
  • Just added: Central Ohio Bed Bug Task Force with advice to “Protect Yourself and Your Employees” and to “Communicate with Your Staff and Customers”

Report: Connecticut Library Association's "Bed Bugs in Your Library" Forum (Fall 2012)

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