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Resources for Connecticut ILL staff members: Connecticut ILL Loan Policy

Connecticut Lending Policy

Take the survey to submit or update your ILL policy!

The policy contains a brief, up-to-date listing of primarily non-book material that a library in Connecticut will lend through ILL. The goal of the policy is to assist ILL staff members in identifying potential lending libraries that are not part of their automated ILL system(s). All libraries in Connecticut are invited to submit their ILL policy.

Categories in the policy include:

  • Books - New
  • Books - Textbooks, previous edition
  • Books - Textbooks, latest edition
  • CD - Audiobook
  • CD - Music
  • CD - that accompanies book
  • DVD - Documentary
  • DVD - Feature Film
  • DVD - Blu-ray - Documentary
  • DVD - Blu-ray - Feature Film
  • Playaway
  • VHS - Documentary
  • VHS - Feature Film

FYI - Filtering in Excel

If you are not familiar with filtering in Excel, please read on…

I’ve set up filtering in the CT ILL Loan Policy. Filtering allows you to hide rows based on certain criteria. You could, for example, limit the policy so that it shows only libraries that are willing to lend New Books and that wish to be contacted by E-mail. Filtering is a very handy feature and you may find uses for it in addition to the ILL Policy, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to learn about it.

There’s a video on Excel filtering from Microsoft that explains how filtering works. Notice what he does with the ‘Salesperson’ column, which takes place from 1 minute to  3:30 minutes in the 9 minute video. The filtering he does with the Salesperson column is similar to what you can do with the CT ILL Loan Policy. There's also a good article on filtering from Microsoft Office support and note the "Filter Text" section of the article.

If you want to try it out, filter the ILL policy so that you see only libraries who are willing to loan new books. [Hint: filter the “Books – New” column to “Yes” or filter it to both “Yes” and “Reciprocal.”]

Once you have that list, try creating another filter (you can filter multiple columns) for libraries whose preferred contact method is e-mail. If you do this, you’ll end up with a list of libraries that will lend new books and who prefer to be contacted by e-mail.

When you are done, clear both of the filters so that you see the whole list of libraries. Feel free to filter other columns if you wish and as you have time.

Note that I'll be demonstrating this feature at the upcoming ILL Transition meetings in June.


This guide contains links to resources relevant to those who work in or are interested in Interlibrary Loan in Connecticut libraries.

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