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EXCITE Transformation for Libraries: Pilot Project Feedback

Summary Document

Watch "The EXCITE Journey" to hear firsthand from pilot participants.

Value of EXCITE


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Facilitator Training

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How are YOU changed by this program?

  • A real paradigm shift in thinking about how to find out from patrons what they want and would mean the most for them.
  • Better appreciate the importance of first looking at our community, not what it is just a great program.
  • Further convinced in the value of seeking input during all steps of the planning and development process.
  • I'm more confident in talking with groups and drawing out their thoughts.
  • More confident in interacting with community.
  • Better knowledge of how to formulate questions to elicit useful feedback.
  • Increased responsibility – this project and future programs.
  • I have the tools to promote creativity within the library staff!
  • Now have a better eye (or at least a greater awareness) when it comes to conveying a vision/idea.
  • Better equipped to manage time.
  • Completely fascinated with design thinking, applying it in lots of little ways.
  • I'm Energized.
  • I'm Inspired.
  • More vocal about my thoughts/contributions.
  • Feel more confident in presenting ideas - not afraid to "fail".
  • Greater comfort was coming up with ideas and not judging or dismissing them.
  • I have a new appreciation for my colleagues and have learned that it's okay if I make mistakes.
  • Incredible bonding experience with coworkers. Changed how I feel at work.
  • Our library has grown as a team, and I feel like I can rely on my team members to work hard and support each other.

How will this program help you transform your library for the 21st century?

  • [Gives us] The ability to create an exceptional program in a way that isn't just a eureka moment; empowers staff to keep creating new, engaging, smart programs and services.
  • Surprises patrons and reinvigorates members.
  • The more ideas for forward thinking, the better.
  • The library is like a shark that has stopped swimming and is going to die soon if it doesn't start moving. This program will get us moving again with fresh new ways of coming up with ideas.
  • Will help us provide services other than materials that our patrons really want or need, rather than guessing or hoping to get in on whatever trends come along.
  • We can move beyond scattershot reactions, assumptions and stereotypes in program planning.
  • It creates an open and safe space.
  • Will help the library meet the needs, concerns and desires of our clientele and better serve our mission and strategic plan to aid the city.
  • Collaboration is a 21st century skill that most of us have not had the opportunity to learn.

How will this program help you build a culture of collaboration and innovation in your library?

  • Pushes staff to think about our services differently.
  • We are already starting to implement this process directly into our meeting structures. It will change the way we plan and implement programs. Tools useful even in small meetings.
  • On a staff level, it can bring out talents and open up communication lines.
  • Community-wise, it brings thoughts, partners and even competitors to the table.
  • Learn to work with people of different skills and temperaments.
  • By having a small group of people initiated in this program, it will be easier to encourage collaborative approaches to large and small tasks.
  • Better ways to choose "best" ideas prevents us from falling into old habits of doing what's popular, or not doing something a little scary that might have great payoff.
  • The tools allow for many voices to be heard, levels the playing field and expands the number of possible and impossible ideas.


This pilot of EXCITE Transformation for Libraries and the seed grants awarded to pilot libraries were funded by the State of Connecticut and the Institute of Museum and Library Services under the provisions of the Library Services and Technology Act, administered by the Connecticut State Library.

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