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Children's Services: Common Core State Standards

Common Core Resources

With the implementation of the Common Core State Standards in Connecticut public librarians are asking "what does this mean for public libraries?"

Just a few ideas of how libraries can embrace the new Standards (please email with your ideas!):

Collections: The Common Core calls for increased usage of high quality (not low level) nonfiction. We can:

  • purchase more nonfiction for our collections
  • be aware of association lists of best books
  • share your nonfiction expertise with school librarians and teachers
  • bet on seeing more nonfiction on summer reading lists!

Storytimes: In addition to the increased usage of nonfiction, the Core calls for closer attention to text . We can:

  • identify and use more nonfiction picture books in our storytimes
  • ask questions that ask children to refer back to the text and pictures in the story for evidence

Programs for Older Children:

  • try adding some nonfiction titles with your book groups, or try a nonfiction book group

Websites and Handouts: The Common Core calls for consideration of the point of view of the author. We can:

  • create topical booklists that consider the same subject matter from different points of view (can include fiction and nonfiction)
  • newsletters to teachers about new books that they might consider

And here are some links to more information.

General Information:

Common Core Document (Get the free app on iTunes)
Common Core State Standards in Connecticut .
PBS Video: Boosting Reading Skills: Will 'Common Core' Experiment Pay Off?
A simple overview: The Core of the Common Core, Part 1: The Anchor Standards for Reading by Jan Burkins & Kim Yaris Edutopia: Resources for Understanding the Common Core State Standards . Common Core "Worksheets" from Have Fun Teaching

Books Available at the Service Centers:

Common Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts, Grades K-5. Jossey-Bass, 2012.
Common Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts, Grades 6-8. Jossey-Bass, 2012.
Common Core Curriculum Maps in English Language Arts, Grades 9-12. Jossey-Bass, 2012.
Pathways to the Common Core by Lucy Calkins. Heinemann, 2012.
Understanding Common Core State Standards by John S. Kendall. ASCD, 2011,

Common Core and Public Libraries:

On Common Core - Getting Real: Marc Aronson and Sue Bartle Part I (Highly Recommended - just click on Launch Presentation - "This presentation will be available to audience members until April 16, 2013 at 07:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time.) 
Common Core and Public Libraries: What Does it All Mean?
 a Slideshare presentation by Lisa Kropp, Youth Services Coordinator, (NOTE: Slide 15 lists things public libraries can do) 
Common Core in the Public Library?
 by Kiera Parrott on the ALSC Blog.

Collection Development & Use of Nonfiction with Common Core in Mind:

Blog: The Classroom Bookshelf / Various Authors
Blog: Great Common Core Nonfiction / Kathleen O'Dean
BlogiNK Think Tank: Nonfiction Authors in Your Classroom / Various Authors
Blog: The Nonfiction Detectives/ Cathy Potter and Louise Capizzo
Blog: Nonfiction Matters / Marc Aronson at SLJ
Article: "On Common Core | Cultivating Collaborationby Mary Ann Cappiello, Myra Zarnowski, and Marc Aronson.
Article: "On the Radar--Top Picks from the Editors at Junior Library Guild: New Science Nonfiction Supports Common Core" by Deborah B. Ford at School Library Journal, September 21, 2012.
Blog: The Uncommon Corps: A blog that discusses uses of Common Core.

Publisher Common Core Websites


Pinterest Boards on Common Core

Other Articles of Interest:

"Consider the Source: The Problem with Common Core's 'Appendix B'by Marc Aronson on August 24, 2012.
"A Sticker Won't Do the Job: We need appealing nonfiction that will engage students and build rigor | On Common Coreby Melissa Jacobs-Israel on July 1, 2012.What Common Core Means for Publishers by Karen Springen, Publisher's Weekly Jul 18, 2012. 
Common Core State Standards: Resources from Booklist Publications
"Crosswalks" for school librarians from AASL
 . "Tables that help school librarians learn how the AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner and the Common Core State Standards align."
NYC Department of Education: Standards and Curriculum.
SLJ Article: All Aboard!: Implementing Common Core offers school librarians an opportunity to take the lead .
NovelList: Common Core: It's not happening without the librarian by Julie Corsaro, September 12, 2012 .
Children's Literature Comprehensive Database: Isn't That Just for Schools?: Common Core and the Public Library, Part I by Peg Glisson. Scholastic: Are Librarians Still Important? by Kate Rix . 
Classroom Connections: Common Core and Informational Science Texts

Counterpoint: What the naysayers are saying:

Schools Matter Blog: The Common Core: Bad for Libraries, Librarians, and Students.

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