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Alma and Primo, by Stephen Slovasky: Home

Information about Alma and Primo

Alert: Circulation information in Primo.

In some cases, Primo requires login to view accurate circulation policy information--to see if an item circulates or does not circulate.  Note that in Primo "available" means owned by the State Library and available for use, regardless of circulation policy or other restrictions.


1. Enter the OCLC control number 23074521 in the Simple Search box on the initial screen in Primo Guest view (  Tap the enter key or click on the magnifier.

2. Click the "available at" link and note that for all four volumes the policy is "item circulates".

3. Log in to Primo at "Sign in for more options".  The policy statements now change to "item does not circulate".

Why?  Alma/Primo determines circulation policy based on an item's location.  Every item assigned to a location (in the Sherman case, Stacks) is assigned the same circulation policy, unless flagged otherwise, but the policy exception information is only granted to logged in Primo users.



Cutover Calendar: III to ExLibris

Primo is available.


On January 9, 2017, we introduce Primo to the public, and use Alma for processing.


Schedule for State Library cutover from Millennium to ExLibris Alma/Primo. 2016-2017



December 2016-January 2016 cutover activities here: 


November 11, 2016:  By this date we will have submitted the edited and updated configuration and field mapping forms which the vendor requires to recode our data.  ExLibris will review the updated forms and test them against the data we migrated in July, and will notify us of changes required before final acceptance of data in late December.


November 15, 2016:  The State Library enters the "Technical Service Freeze" period.  This means that all ordering, cataloging, creation of  new item records, and editing of existing records in Millennium stops, or will not be migrated into Alma. 


January 4, 2017:  Circulation transaction "freeze".  No new checkouts, checkins, or patron editing in Millennium after this date.


January 9, 2017:  Live implementation of Alma/Primo

Training Schedule


Terminology Peculiar to Alma, and to Primo.   (ss 10.2016 ff.)

Digital inventory.  Scans, or otherwise digitized local resources not distributed in aggregated collections.  (Course Reserves at the state university and community college libraries are to a large extent digital repositories.)
Electronic inventory.  Articles from aggregated periodical vendors for which access and authentication must be managed. 
Fulfillment. Circulation.
Holding. The holding record provides the link between the bibliographic record and the physical inventory in Alma.  It is used to manage inventory heirarchy and to maintain links among the levels.
Inventory.  Refers to types of resources and to the Alma applications which manage them.
Normalize.  In Alma, normalize means to make changes to bibliographic records, singularly or in batch, through a little program built up into a Normalization Rule.  In Primo, normalize means to modify Alma data into Primo's native data format, PNX (Primo Normalized XML).
Physical inventory.  Printed books and journals and other hard-copy resources.
Portfolio.  A particular electronic title.  Our unrestricted federal and state documents are necessarily treated by Alma as portfolios.  The term's application in Alma is certainly counterintuitive, but can be understood to incorporate an administrative metadata "wrapper":  " The specific coverage, services, and link information relevant for a particular electronic title."
Publish.  Used liberally by the vendor for sending Alma records somewhere else, such as to the OCLC online catalog.
Publish to Primo. Make resources managed in Alma available in Primo. "Publishing to Primo" takes many hours (overnight), so when you edit a record in Alma catalog users can't see the results until the next day.
Repository.  The bibliographic and Inventory data managed in Alma. Work in Alma begins with a Repository Search.



December 1, 2016. Carol Trinchitella is now a certified Alma configuration editor.  She took an online course to achieve this. Congratulations.



(Guest login for temporary use)

2. Test search for accurate depiction of post-migration Primo.  Type "private prisons" in the persistent search box, Choose the Lucas.  This is the only entry for a hybridized state publication properly encoded for delivery in Primo.  Note that "physical inventory" is displayed first, with "electronic portfolios" listed below.


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