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Connecticut Municipal Documents

We have an extensive historical collection of material published by Connecticut towns, including annual reports, reports of town boards, special reports, and charters and ordinances. Most of this material is not yet in our catalog, but we'd be happy to assist if you contact us.

NOTE: Official copies of record are held by the municipality. Our collections are not comprehensive or necessarily current; they are meant for research purposes only. If the copy of record version is needed, please contact the local municipal office.

Many of the terms used here may have definitions in the Connecticut General Statutes and/or at the end of relevant chapters in Local Government in Connecticut[1]

Connecticut Municipal Documents at the Connecticut State Library (CSL)

The Connecticut State Library has a large collection of charters, ordinances, regulations, and by-laws published by cities, towns, boroughs, and other local subdivisions from the early 1800s to the present. Below is a list of materials by town. These items are shelved in the Charters and Ordinances section on the second floor, and are available for researchers to use. They do not circulate.

Prior to Home Rule legislation being passed changes to municipal charters required special acts passed by the Connecticut General Assembly.

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