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Guide to using U.S. Census (Federal) material at the Connecticut State Library, both Historic and Current

Location of Connecticut Information included in the 1850 United States Census

1850 Census data for Connecticut is available for these geographic areas: State; County; Town

Boundaries of geographic areas may be determined using a combination of Census Descriptions of Geographic Subdivisions and Enumeration Districts, (a microfilm set kept in the Newspaper Room at the State Library, call number F93 .U5 1978, reel 2) and town maps. (Note that not all data is available for all geographic areas).

1850 Special Censuses

For additional help, please see History & Genealogy reference unit.

Industrial Census

Microfilm - Number 317.46 fC76c 7i

Original volumes - 317.46 fC76c 7i Vault 11

Agricultural Census

Microfilm - Number 317.46 fC76c 7a

Original volumes - 317.46 C76c 7th/a Vault 11

Social Statistics

For access to original volumes, see:

Original volumes - 317.46 fc76c 7th/s Vault 11


Microfilm - 317.46 M841m Reel 1

Original volumes - 317.46 fC76c 7th/m 1850 Vault 11

1850 U.S. Census - Seventh Decennial Census of Population

From Census Bureau: "The number of population inquiries grew in the 1850 census. Every free person's name was to be listed, not just the head of the household. The marshals also collected additional "social statistics," including information on taxes, schools, crime, wages, value of the estate, etc. and data on mortality."